Delay Phase 2

Supposedly every 4-7 days, so some weeks it might spawn twice. But yeah- you’ll be competing potentially with a dozen horde and alliance guilds, or just face bad luck if it spawns at 4am and you can’t compete at all.

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Sounds like many players won’t see the world bosses at all unless it takes an hour to kill them.


There weren’t really many epic world pvp battles back in the day either. Most of what you see on youtube or hear about from your friends is a false reality created by the way memories are shaped over time, or distorted to sell a particular point of view.

I’m now going to tell you the cold hard truth about phase 2. Most players, even on pvp realms, don’t care about world pvp. There is little incentive for blizzard to cater to the vocal minority on the topic who do love world pvp, because they’d have to figure out how to include the people who don’t, and that’s a much greater obstacle than it sounds. People don’t want to play fair. They want to destroy their enemies and take the easiest path possible. No matter how many people tell you they want balanced world pvp, they’re lying. They only want the illusion of balanced pvp. You can see this truth in the data. People choose realms that favor their faction by a large margin. It’s natural human behavior.

What’s more important is that phase 2 gets released so they can move on to the phase that actually matters. Phase 3, BG’s and BWL. And no matter what you say, Phase 2 is going to be released next week because blizzard is aware of this reality.


citation needed

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The “majority” of the playerbase doesnt’ go to the forums, and the only people who think it’s too soon are these mythical unicorns of Single Dads working 12 hours a day with a PHD Thesis due next week, or just lazy and dumb people who rolled on a PVP server.


First Onyxia kill- week 9
Honor system added- week 20
First Ragnaros kill- week 22

Alterac valley and Warsong Gulch release- week 29
Blackwing Lair release- week 33

First Onyxia kill- week 1
First Ragnaros kill- week 1
Honor system added- week 11

Is the honor system being added faster? yes
Is the honor system being added TOO fast? No

I would prefer the content to be released at a slower pace, but currently more content is needed.
Alterac Valley and Blackwing Lair are the releases that will start affecting gear, hopefully Blizzard won’t release those for quite some time.


don’t forget that ragnaros was unkillable in mc due to bugs for quite a while. also the reason alot of that content being released at that pace was because blizzard was creating the content as they went along.

the majority of players in vanilla didn’t even get 60 until close to when bwl was being released. (since wow was a new game and it was still growing at the time.)

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WoW Classic hasn’t even been out for 3 months.

People are still trying to hit level 60. (Not everyone has been spending 3+ hours in game every single day.)

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You don’t even have to play that much to have hit 60 by now. It’s been out for over two months - that’s a very long time, even in vanilla.

The average player is basically 60 at this point.


Lol no thanks.

Depends what you think is the time /played for an average player to hit level 60.

Everyone can do their own calculation.

How many hours do you think it takes an average player to reach max level?

WoW Classic has been out for 74 days.

Calculate their average time in game per day.


After 2 months? If people want to hit 60, they’ll have hit it by then.

It’s actually been nearly two and a half months. That was considered average in 2006.

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Too many people are arguing from the tunnel vision in front of them without realizing that the super majority of players played with the honor system when it started and that the honor system was added before Ragnaros was killed in Vanilla.


They try to claim that the days between the release of content is more important to the Vanilla experience than the number of players in the game that have finished the content.

It’s mind boggling.

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My Warlock is level 49 with 5 days 6 hours played… and I’ve been playing casually. That’s… not at all hard, and I started her like a month ago at most.

According to a new poll on reddit, 65% of players have a level 60 character now.

I think level 44 is the halfway point.

Level 49 isn’t level 60.

126 hours / 30 days = 4.2 hours per day

Your “playing casually” is an average 4+ hours every day.

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This is my second 60.

Definitely not a month ago, then. I wish there was a way to show creation date but I’ve been playing MAX 4 hours a day, but idling way more.

So if you started in the first couple of weeks, you should be my level if you only play an hour or two a day.

Weekends are also a thing.

Maybe you play more than the average player…

You can check the time /played on your level 60 and add it to your time /played on your level 49.

If you tell me your level 60’s time /played, I can calculate it for you.