Delay chat macro

Maybe im posting this in the wrong place but no matter.
I want to set up a macro for rebirth (druid resurrection spell).
To do this, i want to have a /s when i start casting the spell and then a /s when i finish casting the spell. I do not want to use a cast sequence as im too lazy to press the button twice.

Now many of you are going to say that it is against the EULA to use a delay in a macro so i cannot do it, then cite me the wiki on macros.
or this:

HOWEVER, i think perhaps maybe we CAN use chat delays but not spell delays.
see here: “Macros cannot include a delay for most commands. Certain commands (e.g. chat) can be delayed with an addon.”
Quoted from macros: essential information.

So… can we?

If so how?

Also i realize that what im describing may in fact be common knowledge and im just an idiot, in which case feel free to berate me.

You need the addon SlashIn. This is not a feature of the base UI.

You can also use AfterCast or RSA, which are more purpose-built to what you want, and should only fire the message on a successful spellcast, so you don’t get the second message if somebody else rezzes your target first.

You can actually delay chat messages without an addon, I think its blocked for “say” but you can send party/raid/whispers

/say Starting Cast
/cast SpellName
/script C_Timer.After(3, function() SendChatMessage(“Message goes here”,“PARTY”); end)

You can change the delay by changing the “3” to another number, its the delay in seconds. Also you can change “PARTY” to “RAID” but I dont think “SAY” works.

The addon mentioned above is probably more fit for purpose but worth knowing about the macro command.

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I couldn’t get the script to work but slashin addon works incredibly well with the one limitation that it cannot /say.

I’m pretty sure Blizzard changed it so API calls cant send chat messages to /say.