Defiance PVP

Whats up yall? I was running a lot of bgs yesterday into last night and was invited into Defiance. Which was really exciting and an honor! Sadly it took less than an hour for another member to start running his mouth at me for my lack of experience at my level. I dont live in the world of azeroth. Havent done any serious rated pvp since wod. So RANDOM battlegrounds i dont think is a great place to judge someones pvp history. But anyway, Romanator-Alleria, after our brief conversation i looked at the bg scorecard and you were pretty underwhelming. I doubled you in every category. I was invited into Defiance. Dont know anybody in Defiance so i was pretty excited. But im not interested in a verbal sparring match on my game time. Sending stupid comments and insta blocking so i kept getting “player not found” . But i knew eventually your ego would take over and i was ready and i did find you :smile: said what i had to say and left Defiance. Too bad really because i was looking forward to some pvp mayhem. Like with cryptids and the dedicated back in ashran days. FAIL HYDRA. When you invite somebody into your pvp guild/group i think the point is to utilize this new persons strengths to help conquer Horde premades and such. I think inviting someone in (from a random bg) just to cauk off and belittle them seems counter productive to the cause. I didnt join the group to impress you i joined because i was invited and was honored to be asked to be part of something big. But i also have no problem standing on my own 2 feet like ive done in every bg up to that point. Take care and hopefully your confidence comes back. One day you will be a hero i just know it!

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Sounds like the little lad was jealous. If you truly doubled him all across the board yes i bet he wanted you gone from his clan asap. Cant says i blame him. But this is a twink pvp clan so he was just being a baby.

If you’re still interested in PvP and owning a lv120 Horde character, Histano usually organizes rated BGs after raid around 11pm till so on. If you don’t have a 120 Horde, you can always instantly make one with the Epic bundle of shadowlands expansion which I find has the best value in it. Just trying to help. As for skills, that can always be improved by learning the flow of your character and how you’ve built it. People are also open to give suggestions and tips. Oh, before I forget, we’re also recruiting players who are interested in PvP as well if you’re not much of a fan for raiding. Whisper Histano if you’re interested, I’m pretty sure every old school alliance players from Khadgar knows him.

Thank you very much. I will keep that in mind!