<Defenders of the Niffty> 25 man LFM

25 man raiding guild is currently looking for new raiders to continue our journey through Wrath and beyond. In TBC we full cleared all content from Kara through Sunwell, and we are looking to continue to clear content in a laid back environment. Currently full clearing Uld 25 and 10 man, 3 tower FL and IC Med mode, Freya + 1 keeper down.

Our raid times are Thursday 8 - 10:30pm, and Friday 8 - 11pm. We also do 10 man runs on Wednesday 8 pm, and Sunday 6pm.

We use “Thatsmybis” wish list loot system, where you prioritize your desired items from “most to least desired.” In the event of two players having the same priority, attendance is the tie breaker. If attendance is the same, then a simple /roll is the tie breaker.

Currently looking to recruit enhancement shaman, mages, and dps dk.

If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact:


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Still looking for more to fill out our roster!

Still looking for more, inquire within!

Still looking for raiders

Happy New Year everyone!

Currently looking to recruit mages, dps dks, and enhance shamans.

Uld 10 and 25 normal modes full cleared.

HM’s completed so far:

  • 3 tower FL
  • Medium mode IC

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Freya + 1 keeper down!