Defend Azeroth When You Defend Your Account

Defend Azeroth When You Defend Your Account

Account security is vital for everyone! Learn how to protect yourself and others from threats to your World of Warcraft account.

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Might want to update the article to say that the extra bag slots ARE available in WoW Classic.

On a more serious note, a friend of mine brought up a good point: how come you guys only let people use your own 2FA app instead of allowing people the option of Google Authenticator? It seems to be good enough for most other apps.


Lemme know when poor people can start doing this please <3


“Don’t you guys have phones?”
-Blizzard, most definitely


The vast majority do have phones, and if people choose not to have a phone for whatever reason well, it sucks to be them.


Don’t tell anybody your account password over the internets. Btags are optional.

Can’t get any harder than that.

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I just use lemein12, that 12 makes it damn near impossible to guess


I bet you use “qwerty” or “password”, too. Easy finds on a rainbow table.


Has there been something happening recently to prompt this article?


What are you some kind of savage luddite?

I use “dvorak”!

Maybe someone who works in the company got hacked.

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But in all seriousness, I love my bitwarden and I think my password. The max that wow will let you have is 64 and it’s that long or whatever length it is

a 64 character password. Either they take their cybersecurity very seriously, or they’re paranoid as all heck and don’t want to relive a bad memory. :rofl:

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Ya know I might give this a second though if the BNET app actually kept me logged in.

I never turn off my computer, I don’t log out, I don’t quite BNET, I’m not afraid of my cat getting into my account and sharding my purplez.

But BNET has been logging me out constantly. I used to go weeks without having to enter a password. Now its common I have to login several times a day.

The idea of having to potentially constantly be going to my phone for 2 Factor makes me itch.

So “forget that”, you can keep the 4 bag slots. I just got another 36 slot from the event, so “I’m good!”.


My nephew works for one of those three letter agencies and he’s opened my eyes, I’ll just say it as that.

Run an android emulator.

I also see ipads on ebay for ~20CAD. Probably can find something like this in your area.

I don’t think it’s only a poor issue, also unresourceful and unwilling to learn. Sorry.

Also can you explain this a bit? I’m just curious, even gutter kids in impoverished countries and desert nomads have cell phones now.

Probably a rise in support requests for help with compromised accounts.

Yeah, I never really understand this either.
When I saw kids running around in Afghanistan with them…

I’m going to be one of those heartless peps…if one can’t get a phone or a used phone or a used tablet, you probably shouldn’t be on the internet playing a game.


I don’t mean any offense to you friend but im tired of explaining it. I promise I have exhausted tens of hours of effort in a work around. You need a “post paid” (aka: 1-2 year contract) to use an authenticator. Nothing else works. Please trust me ive spent a LOT LOT LOT A VERY LOT of time trying to find any work around for this, NOTHING else will suffice.

I super duper promise.



Every single poor person I know has a smartphone. Even my relatives down in Mexico have them

It’s not hard to have a cellphone in the current year, chances are good an average person off the street already has a smartphone + service