Deep Six (Mines)

Got SS Mines in Deep Six, and you can probably imagine the direction this is going in. We were winning, and then two players on the opposing team quit. So, right before we would have “officially” won, the game ended because there weren’t enough players. Is this stupid? It feels stupid.


Yeah, Brawl needs to be removed.

Ditto. Same thing happen to me just now.

Blizzard please fix this.

Edit: It took me 5 attempts to finally win this brawl. Three of them timed-out because one team or the other had peeps leave. One was just a legit loss. The 5th one we won only because its a WSG and we were able to cap three flags before it timed-out, had a bout a minute left.

Just happened to me and yes, it’s stupid. In fact I don’t even think anyone left ours.

The timer started right when we zoned into the BG saying “not enough players, game will end in 5 minutes.”

I’m not even sure this brawl ever works with the current low player countermeasure. Why is it even in the game?!? LOL

It’s a shame because I actually like this brawl.

Waited 35 minutes in queue for one of these, finally after 35 minutes me and my friend joined one.

Silvershard Mines… except when we joined, Horde was losing. Alliance had 1100 points, Horde had practically 0. Thought to myself, maybe we can come back from it, but nah, there just wasn’t enough time. Brought Horde up to 600 points before we inevitably lost. Queue time is horrible for this brawl.

It took us one try to win, interesting.