Decoupling Dracthyr from Evoker

Which is absolutely a betrayal of the core Tauren concept that dilutes the overall strength of their fantasy. Players should never become the exception to the rule in an MMO space.

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Shoulda never been coupled in the first place. They should have created a net new class, not a net new character bound to a single class. Talk about regression.

It didn’t even have to be a dragon/evoker. It could’ve been the tinker crap everyone wants for all I care. Or anything really. But this was not it.

Are you crazy? We literally are the exception to every rule in the setting. We walked out of the Maw. We journey back from death with nothing more than a repair bill. We hoisted the heart of Azeroth itself and blew back Old Gods.

Not every character is capable of doing that, because not every character is the PC. We are. We get unique treatments because of that. Including determining our own life choices (in most factors).

EDIT: As to your analogy, you’re still completely in the wrong. You’d have a point if I said ‘I want gnomes to be taller to better fit the Warrior class’, but I didn’t. I didn’t even bring up the mention of Gnome Warriors or Gnome Humans or whatever you’re trying to peddle here because it was so completely irrelevant to the discussions as to be beneath mention.

You’re saying ‘why would they give up their natural gifts, it’d be like gnomes putting aside intellect to pretend to be tall’. Then I’m looking at the race/class selections and I see Gnome Warrior right there.

EDIT 2: Also, Tauren Mages are not a betrayal of the concept in the least. Just because Tauren can now be Mages and Rogues doesn’t undermine the theme of Thunder Bluff or the Bloodhoof people. It just means that some Tauren looked at what their culture offered, saw what other cultures and classes offered, and decided to try those instead. Your background is informed by the parts of your culture you choose to honor, and the parts you choose to abandon.


Honestly I just want to play a Dracthyr Warrior. Anyone can be a Warrior and they were made to be soldiers.

Would be nice. I like the Dracthyr and I want to play one but man… I just can’t make myself enjoy a casting class.

Leveled my Evoker to 64 last night and I felt like I was pulling my teeth out.

Gnomes breathing fire from above onto their enemies.

With the same sound effects.

That should have been added alongside Dracthyr.

It’s that wrong we’re trying to right in here. It’s really shameful to call yourself a ‘super-soldier’ and then wonder which end of the sword you direct toward the enemy.

Nah, screw the DHs. By rights they shouldn’t even have wings outside of meta. Not even Illidan did until he went full demon.

Besides, after what they did to warlocks, they have no right to complain about another class taking something from them. We could have compromised, DHs! We had two completely different playstyles! You could have had the name “Metamorphosis” while our ability just got a simple rename and maybe even art change, but nooooo!

You made your bed, now lie in it! My only regret is the Dracthyr didn’t clip your wings in the process :stuck_out_tongue:

Glide is the only thing I think should be limited to the class imo. Lets just say glide becomes extremely useful because a whole raid had fights like Dathea. Having a something like that without a cooldown bound to a race would be crazy. Unlikely senario I know but still something that needs to be considered. Especially because using glide while running does help you kove faster as well. Turn it into a short boost forward into a slow fall on a cooldown would be reasonable.

Hunter for me. I just want to be a drakonid with dragonoids for pets. :smiley:

So push for Drakonid! Infinitely preferable to simply opening up classes to Dracthyr, thereby diluting their concept and appeasing no one but a singular panda. I want a Drakonid Paladin more than almost anything else, as far as WoW goes. It would never happen in a million years if Dracthyr got access to other classes, though.


actually they weren’t made to use all 5 dragon abilities. Only the few gifted Dracthyr were able to master all 5 colors. (the ones we play)

Most Dracthyr can only master one type of color dragon magic. It’s in their lore. =)

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Source? Or is this an inference?


Every dracthyr is an expert soldier. Whatever weyrn they belong to, they use their talents to defend dragonkind in service to the Earth-Warder. Yet even among such illustrious ranks, there are a select few who transcend the skills of their kin, who are able to master the specialties of all weyrns and shift between roles at will. These are the evokers, the best of the best, finest of the finest.

Are weyrns 1:1 aligned with a specific flight’s magic, though?

They’re not. The Weyrns seemed more like specialized roles or military units, like front-line soldiers, healers, spies, etc.

Or, I could just ask for what they are already doing, with what they already have, in Dracthyr and class proliferation.

Then, as new races are discussed, ALSO ask for actual Drakonids. Your hyperbole aside, getting one thing does not remove the possibility of another thing, as we got Lightforged, Mag’har, Dark Irons, Void Elves, Highmountain, Zandalari, Kul Tirans. So many variations of existing races.

So, ask for all of the things you want, not just the things you think you can have. At worst, you don’t get them. At best, you get them all. Probably somewhere in the middle, but we shouldn’t pretend we know the future, when we don’t.

Yeah, from what I can gather, Weyrns were what they just happen to be good at.

In other words, an inference.

An inference based on a great deal of evidence and logic. Dracthyr already have the inclination to be things other than Evoker, and so expanding their class selection would be a natural way to grow the race and not let it rot in obsolescence once DF ends.