[December 15th, N-RP Event] Winter Seasons Exchange Market

The Winter SEASONS EXCHANGE will be upon us!


We are a seasonal ‘grey market’.
That’s right! This market only happens every few months!

This isn’t your standard market, but it isn’t quite a black market either. It’s a place to sell your cheeky and otherwise taboo wares and services with and to like-minded individuals.

Shopping isn’t your thing? We have plenty of other activities of interest in the form of live entertainment, games, eats, and drinks!

Date: Friday, Dec. 15th
Time: 6PM Server WrA
Where: The Caverns of Time
Server: Wyrmrest Accord (Anchors Available!)
Faction: Cross Faction, Horde Hosted

If you’re interested in selling, shopping, or just stopping in to see what it’s about, feel free to join the Discord at —> http://tinyurl.com/SeasonEx


Come check out this market! It’s a lot of fun and has some fantastic vendors.

It’s getting closer! Put it on your calendar and come see us on the 15th!

Only 10 days away! We’re almost there! The vendors that are coming have some really great looking booths and are worth checking out, especially for some last minute Winter Veil shopping!

This week! This is a fun market with some really great vendors. I’m looking forward to it!

Tonight is the night!!!

We can’t wait to see everyone tonight at 6:00 server in the Caverns of Time for the Season’s Exchange Market. It’s going to be a blast!!