Deathwing Mount Confirmed


Will probably only be available during the 15th anniversary event.

(Daswings) #24

Its alright… I guess… I NEED IT!!! Reeeeeeeee.


15th Anniversary most likely. Look for the event in your in game calendar.


I’ll be ready!
(Begins sharpening axe, slamming her weapons against shield and so on)

(Ghaghzull) #27

Ah i was at work didn’t have time to read it. I am looking forward for this mount.


Yeah, that’ll happen closer to the anniversary date, but we figured it’d help to let people know why they might want to take part in the event…

WOW 15 Anniversary Event has us fighting iconic bosses?
(Fallynn) #29


'Scuse me.



Can we burn down King’s Landing, I mean Stormwind?


It enjoys jalapenos!

Some of the city guards will have nightmares when there are a pile of players on them running around, heh.


So is his chin going to get in the way of me trying to go in between trees or is that massive jaw of his just going to cut them down?

Yea I know you guys are sick of the “Death Chin” jokes but I had to throw one out there for good measure.

(Emilyanne) #33

Does the fire kill critters?

(Cbegsdh) #34

I’m actually really excited about this mount, but it had better not be sold in the shop otherwise I’m seriously going to cancel my account and never come back.

(Fallynn) #35

You can only earn it in game for the annniverssary!

Corehound isn’t shopped so I doubt this one ever will be.


Thank you thank you THANK YOU

(Begins watching ‘how to train Your Dragon’)

ps I agree with everyone saying ‘ingame only no shop please’.
(Starts researching for certain GoT clips of Danys training her kiddies))

(Seedman) #37

When everyone has one. Will it still be cool?


It will be available in game only. The alabaster mounts will be a purchase item.


Speaking of critters I have him as a pet too.


nah it’ll be HAWT

(Cbegsdh) #42

I hope so. I don’t mind spending money and buying things if they truly are amazing but some things in my opinion should be attainable in game such as this mount.

(Melithiria) #43

Everyone? No.

Limited time mount+Having to do challenges to get it.