Death Gate Cooldown Not Resetting in Torghast

I know blizz said that big Cd’s will reset after you complete a level of torghast. for example on my unholy dk Army of the Dead resets after every boss monster when i go to the next stage. Ive noticed when you get the anima ability “The Horseman’s Call” it does not reset the 10 min cd of your death gate. For anyone that doesnt know the Horseman’s Call lets you summon one of the 4 horseman from naxx through your death gate to fight for you during the torghast layer. Ive also noticed that if you go through a portal it actually dismisses your horseman and does not reset the CD making you wait a whole 10 min to use it again. Not to mention it does not reset on death which isnt as bad because its like a punishment for being bad lol. Anyone know if this is intentional, maybe it was to strong to have the cd’s reset or have the horseman follow you through portals?

Mage’s Mirror Image also doesn’t reset after a boss. But with a 2 min CD, it’s almost back up by the time I’m done picking the power I get from the boss.

Time Warp (5 min CD) and Icy Veins (3 min CD) both reset just fine though.

I can’t say if it’s intentional but I have noticed that as well. I’d imagine it’s an oversight since it is a 10 min CD but it could be that it doesn’t reset because it’s borrowed instead of being part of the standard toolkit.

Chain harvest for enhance doesn’t reset.

I’m pretty sure cooldown resets, which work just the same as they do on a raid boss reset, are just a whitelist where every ability that is 3 mins and up is on it.

So since Death Gate is normally a 1 min cooldown, it’s not on that list.

From what ive seen only abilities above 2 min reset

Maybe it doesn’t reset because it’s considered too powerful?

I may be a lil’ late, but no. Horseman is dog crap AND HERE IS WHY:

  • They don’t heal themselves

  • They pull aggro!

  • They do damage but they die way too fast for it to be worth getting in normal Torghast and even in Twisting Corridors! (Which by the way, I finished Layer 8 tonight as a blood DK :open_mouth: )

  • Finally, it’s just not practical to get all 4 of them and have it be on a 10 min CD that does NOT get reset after each floor. Losing a lot of potential

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It gets reset while climbing a floor now.

And, uh, isn’t the point of them to tank for you?

Yes but when things are one shotting and doing 60k a hit, it doesn’t help. DK’s are supposed to build lichborne in Twisting Corridors you don’t have to in normal cause it’s easy, but in TC, definitely. It’s too good of healing and damage and pair it with all the modifiers, it can make your crappy only magic reduction class do pretty well. I did TC layer 8 on a Blood DK and did the rest as an Unholy.

Long story short, it’s good in normal Torghast and is OK if you want to pick it up.

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it should definitely reset. also please let us death coil them.

i got to floor 18 boss and the stupid knights died on me and then i got hit for my entire health bar in one melee. :frowning: i’m just going to try it on my main since my dk is just an alt lol.

Yeah Lichborne is the only good way to go as a DK. Blood, Frost, Unholy. The healing and damage is just all there. I did layer 8 as a Blood DK, first run I did it. I did get a little lucky on the boss BUT that doesn’t mean it was easy, he def still could one shot me so I had to play fast and be smart on some of my cooldowns.

Used his cast against him and then boom I did it! Even at 200k and 279k With Vampiric Blood, it was scary but yes, horseman is terrible for TC they start to die way too fast, stacking chains is the best choice to get through it fast as a DK.

It resets when you move to the next floor. If your horseman died you either have to wait out the CD on your current floor or move to the next. It resets with the move. I use that ability every time it pops up as a choice and I have never seen it not reset after moving to the next floor.

challenging shout for warriors doesn’t reset either… why the heck would anyone every use that? because there’s an anima power that causes enemies affected by shouts to take 30% increased damage per stack and another power that increases shout duration by 500%. in general, this is a CD I’ll use for the end boss of each floor and when I get to floor 18 i afk and go to the bathroom or something to wait out challenging shout.

Pretty much my thought process on the matter. As it’s not a part of any standard DK rotations and is normally just a utility spell, I’m thinking it isn’t being triggered for reset on a boss kill.

Just do what I do: use it at the start of a floor. Depending on what layer you’re on and if you’ll fully exploring floors as opposed to rushing to the end, it should in most cases naturally reset itself before you hit a new floor.

They’ve fixed it a few days ago. The CD now resets when you go to a new floor.