<Death and Taxes> 10/10 MC!

Tonight Old Blanchy’s strongest Horde delved into the Molten Core, against all odds we fought valiantly in the name of our Warchief and for the good of this world. One by one the minions of Ragnaros fell before us as the fires raged we pushed on, with only vengeance in our hearts and under the unwavering leadership of Budfuggler we found ourselves standing before Ragnaros. As with all his men before him, down he went; his hammer all that remains laying there plunged into the inferno deep within the core.

Here we stand the victors of this story in the name of Azeroth and THE HORDE!

-Death and Taxes



Congratulations to your guild.

Love our server and getting these community updates. Hope to see it some day myself.

Thank you! Hopefully next tier we can challenge the alliance more!

Big Grats to you all. Classic has been everything I’ve wanted so far…see ya on the battlefield…

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Guild Name Pending Managed to PuG our way to 9/10 on our first Raid night!

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Cheers mate!

This is good to hear.

Big yikes, cringeoli

what do we have to do to get in the guild?