Dear Blizzard entertainment


Will you be my Big Love Rocket for Valentine’s Day?

Love Catary-Caelastrasz😘


Aww, if they say yes let me know, i’ll come too.


Well, I don’t have one to ride and I’ve been at this since 2008! It’s about time I get my first big pink rocket mount!


sigh I’m so lonely :sob:
If only I could have a big love rocket to fill my loneliness.
The mount still hasn’t dropped and there’s only less than one week left until the event ends. I’ve been after this silly mount for 11 years with 16 alts + my main toon and still no luck. Isn’t it about time I get my happy ending?


I’ve had the Infinite timereaver mount drop for me 3 times this week, but still no love rocket >.<


Wow, bet you made some random guys really happy if you traded it to them… unless it’s a soulbound mount. I bet they’d be fuming :triumph:.
I got that mount back in Legion I think.