Dear 1800 players

When joining a high exp group, quit looking at CR and gear and then deciding to leave. We are better than you, no nice way to say that. I just tried to form an 1800 group, and my 2k friend was on a low gear alt and almost every person I invited left. You are about to get carried, regardless of gear. Take the free carry. It’s not an ordinary 1800 LFG group. We literally just need 9 other players who can use their brain and mic. You’re chess pieces to us.

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Better not said then, because you’ll just end up losing the people :upside_down_face:

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I don’t say it in game, my old friend. Just on here lol. I’ll invite you this weekend if you’re on.

How low are we talking about?

170 ilevel, but he’s sitting bases in stealth as a boomkin.

Technically, there were two of you, so you only needed 8. Just sayin’.


Got em!

He never said he was accurate at math, just fast!

Fair enough

@rombell 2+2 is 4 minus 1 is 3 quick maths

Fixed it for you.

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Having a high rated main doesn’t entitle you or your friend to a group. It’s perfectly understandable why people would leave. People queueing in LFG will frequently do a scan of the group for red flags to try and avoid headaches/losses, and a 170 ilvl boomkin would be considered a red flag. Nobody cares about his 2400 main, no nice way to say it. Get some btag friends to carry him and stop getting hurt that random strangers don’t want to.


Maybe get him to 200 real quick and explain he has experience at a higher rating. 170 seems low but IDK.

This, while I’ll agree 170 is pretty low I understand the mindset that’s out there right now. People are so jaded by meta comps, classes and think they have to mirror it to win. I set up an RBG group last night at 1600 cr with the best geared players I could find. Had 9 people just needed a disc priest. The priest joins and says “lul wtf is this comp hahahaha” and leaves. The group breaks up. This was 1600 cr and all the dps had 28% + vers and like 40k hp. Imo under 1800 take the best players don’t worry about the meta comp. here’s the comp this guy thought was that terrible…

Veng DH tank
Hpal x 2
Disc (the A-hole)
Me (WW)

So I very calmly whispered the priest and asked “hey do you have any recommendations for a better comp?” And he ignores me lol literally trying to be nice to a guy that just destroyed an entire team that I spent 30 minutes putting together just to have them all leave and he wouldn’t even try to help me out

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New to pretty much all of this, so I speak with nothing but respect, however your seemingly constant indignation is inspiring and cathartic

These metrics are just the reality of LFG RBGs. Statistically what amount of 170 boomkins are going to pull their weight in the 1800 bracket? Not many. Why take the risk? What’s the chance an ilvl 170 boomkin that is played perfectly survives the opener of a 220+ ilvl rogue?