Dead servers

Sounds like it’s time to spend that $25.

i think you fail to understand two important factors:

  1. Blizzard doesn’t care about Classic, and never has. It serves as a mark of shame to them that people prefer a product from 15 years ago instead of the one they currently produce

  2. Even if Blizzard did care, they are currently incapable of doing anything. Ten minutes of research would show you that they are at a standstill development wise across the board over the lawsuits and bad PR. Phase 2 is coming because it was already mostly finished when the lawsuits dropped. Expecting anything from them on any front within the next 8 months at the minimum is a self-delusion.


What? This is 100% false. I don’t even know where you got this idea from.

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just look wowhead retail front page…




What’s that have to do with now? The development could have stopped for one day. Do you not see the hotfix posts? Do you not see the PTR that went up and all the updates to said PTR? Do you not see all the increased dev interaction on Twitter? Go look at Ion’s Twitter.


Yeah, that’s about what I expected.

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Blizzard will never fix this. They could, but wont. And I do not blame them with how the player base treats them. This is 100% a player made issue. PVP servers PUSHED for one sided faction dominance. And since it’s happening, slowly, you are seeing that casual players tend to be alliance, compared to Horde which holds more of the “hardcore” pvpers. Same can be said with pve content as well. The Hardcore when ally for salv.

Blizzard should have just made mega type servers and have been done with it. Yes, a single mega server for pvp, pve, rp, and rppvp. The populations would have panned out to be BETTER, but the player base is rather…sketchy for the most part. No matter what blizzard COULD do, the player base would find some way around it, this is a fact.


I’m copying this from another post that is similar to this.

I’m quite tired of the victim blaming that goes on here that says its a player made problem, that it’s the players fault, which washes away all of Blizzards wrongdoing that led up to this point. It’s frankly ridiculous to blame the playerbase for Blizzard creating and not managing the situation to this day. All the players have done is tried to deal with the hand they’ve been dealt. And all you’re doing is blaming the victims for asking blizzard to MANAGE the game they built and are supposed to maintain.

I rolled on my server 2+ years ago, right after classic launched. Today, it is one of the smallest servers out there, and getting smaller everyday. I know folks have quit because they couldn’t find an arena partner, or a dungeon groups in a timely manner for their schedules. And for what reason? That we rolled on a server that wasn’t experiencing 4+ hour queues in the early phases of classic.

Blizzard could have done many things at the start of classic that could have alleviated many problems. Such as lower population caps, no layers, faction balancing so servers don’t go below 45% for a faction, transfers only to low pop servers instead of any server, which really just means larger servers keep getting larger, and more things I’m not able to list.

But that could only be done at the launch, or in the past, and today is today.

The reality is, there are too many lower pop servers that are struggling right now, and they are in a critical situation and need help. And Blizzard could help them.

The easiest solution would be to connect the realms, which they did for the forever classic realms. They could easily start connecting the lower 10-15 realms with either each other, or similar type of realms.

I’m afraid that even in today’s environment, free transfers won’t do much, unless they are coupled with actionable changes like connecting some of the smaller realms, lower populations capacities, no layers, longer queues.

It’s crazy how during phase 6 on my server we had more folks and more activity then we do here at the end of phase 1 tbc.


Help us Blizzard. This is madness



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Windseeker: First time?

Unfortunately, those who are not yet suffering from dead server pops are quick to dismiss change and side with Blizzard, but when it comes to things like BG queue times, suddenly the huge faction imbalance is not a player made issue. Not sure why there is so much disdain for those who are trying to improve their experience, especially given changes to small servers won’t affect most players.


We had half the guild quit half the guild transfer to bene. I just rerolled a new char and quit raid team. blizz ain’t getting anything but the standard $15 which even that is too much

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Uh no, its never time to spend $25 unless you like rewarding incompetence.


I agree with you… and I haven’t read this whole thread.

What I can say is that the poster you are replying to here defends every decision Blizzard makes. I was arguing something with him awhile back (unrelated) and someone else pointed out that he only ever defends Blizzard. Then I searched his post history (using Google) and that’s all he does. Every. Single. Time. So take that how you want to.

As for the other replies (I admittedly only got to about #20) I’ll agree with people that your best solution is to probably see what is best for you either that be transfer, reroll or quit and all of those options suck.

Your post was very thought out and fine and you did nothing wrong by posting it here and I wish you luck on whatever.

The forum has exploded with topics like this recently because it’s a huge deal to people (and the thing is that the majority of casuals simply walk away instead of paying transfer money and just never complain so the problem is bigger than it looks) but the problem has been going on for the last few months. I may be in the same situation as you in a few months with my alliance but things are nowhere as dire for me yet. I’ve even gone and reserved my ally chars name on the bigger servers just in case. No matter what the situation sucks especially for those where it’s impossible to get any groups. :frowning:


Much love. I am not sure why some people are so opposed to people trying to improve their server. Those on a mega server or even on healthy servers won’t be affected by tweaking small realms. Guys like that make it seem like Blizzard is paying them to do damage control or something.

Hopefully the topics continue and that will urge Blizzard to take action. I really enjoy TBC and WOTLK and don’t want it to die do to incompetence.

Unfortunately, I have been on this server since the start of classic. I only plan on leaving by unsubbing if/when it comes to that.

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Their hands aren’t tied, their spines are just weak.

But I think connected realms would be trash lol.