Dead Server? Blizz could care less

The current state of Classic BC is grim. A few months ago lfg started to be flooded with doomsaying about the server (THUNDERFURY) dying. Well, after some time, it happened. My server has been in steady decline since around September. We went from roughly 2500 alliance players to just over 700.
Now as a tank, grouping is close to impossible unless it’s peak hours and forget about having an item made, it’s not happening. At this point, we can’t even play the game as intended. Why will Blizzard not listen to its player base? Why will they literally let servers die and players quit the game because they either cannot afford a xfer or refuse for whatever reason? What does it take to get a free xfer?! There are 2 raiding guilds left and 1 of them is leaving next week. It’s not going to improve!
This is standard Blizzard style so i’m not surprised but it’s getting really old. If only I enjoyed another game as much as I enjoy WoW. It’s a d@mn shame they don’t appreciate their players a little more. SHAME…SHAME…SHAME


It really is pathetic that a $40B company will not offer free transfers to dying servers until they are completely dead. I am on the same server and the amount of alliance players that have reached out to WOW for a transfer (when they have given free transfers to other servers) is staggering. Not to mention, a lot of players have just quit because they are tired of spending over an hour in que for a group, or because the other faction comes into Ally cities and kill the auctioneers, bankers, etc. I was playing for literally hours every day, now I am pretty sure I won’t even renew my account next month. Because, what is the point? I can’t even go fish without being ganked by 2+ horde, because they outnumber us so bad. Same with raiding. Not really wanting to continue playing a game where the only thing I can accomplish when I log on is dying several times…It’s pathetic!


It’s been almost 8 years since I stopped playing. I really loved the game and after so much time without playing the nostalgia won over me.
With a lot of hope, I started playing 3 months ago but… the disillusion I had to face when I saw the state of the game is something I won’t wish for anyone, ever.
From LVL 1-60 the game felt completely dead, if it wasn’t cause I was playing with my brother I wouldn’t have lasted a month. The same applies for the last 2 months, that and some new in-game friends have kept me afloat.
When I got my first LVL 70 toon, I thought things may change, and they did, for a couple of days the game felt a little bit livelier, but for the last couple of weeks, like Bumbaclap say. the server has been dying, and so far, doesn’t seem like it’ll last longer… if it’s not dead already.
I hope Blizzard can solve the situation, I don’t care if it’s free transfers or merging servers, enabling retail options like lfg, etc., YOU NEED to do something NOW. Stop disappointing your players cause not only they could leave the game, they will also lose the faith in your company or even future releases. Both sides win or both sides lose, is up to you, Blizz.


Tbh it’s kind of crazy how so many people think they can’t play the game if the server is fewer than like 10k pop. All the sheep flocked.

(Not referring to you guys)


Technically do they kinda care since they did at least give free xfers for a dozen or so servers.

Just need to move the final few

Yep. The same thing happens every time with almost every PVP server and it sucks every time for anyone who actually cared about their server in the first place.

There’s a chance that free transfers will be offered to other servers at some point. I give Blizzard props for doing any free transfers even though I’m pretty sure it was done that for financial reasons to keep the holdouts subbing.

They don’t care. They knew about the server problems for a long time back when things could have been changed to fix this, it would have been impossible for them to not know, and they did nothing for months. That is until the free transfer for low pop realms thing. I blame both Blizzard a lot of the player base for the current state of TBCC.

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Fewer than 10k people and 700 is a big difference.

No one cares, they didnt care and the player didnt care we kept giving them money

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Posts like this are a diamond dozen…

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The reason for these posts is after requesting a free xfer via ticket, the GM recommended I post here. I’m sure other have been told the same thing. Let’s hope for a Christmas miracle to save our favorite game.

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Diamond dozen eh. Lol.


seems way more important that way

The playerbase is in a downward spiral. In the last few months, they’ve lost 91 THOUSAND players. People blame the holidays, but that’s a laugh. Most of them aren’t going to come back, not even for P3 (whenever it gets here).

One would hope that when enough people quit, Blizzard will give a damn about the game and its players. But in reality, it’s clear they don’t. When crusade started to decline, they simply banked their revenue on season of mastery instead. Now for 2022 they’ll have to rush out wrath. They know what they’re doing. It’s just sad that they only do what they do for money, not because they give a crap about the franchise or players.


And what servers will be around for Wrath outside the 3 mega servers and the 2 pve servers and the 1 RP one?

The answer was in the question.

You aren’t the only one. That’s why I’ll keep responding in support of people especially when I know they are brand new posters.

The forum has a lot of people on it who defend Blizzard.

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Blizzard successfully implementing #NoChanges by generating forum hate because half the servers are dead.

Hold strong Thunderfury. DIAMOND HANDS WE WILL ENDURE! (Don’t pay attention to my priest that is suddenly level one that is just a coincidence).

If it had been no changes we wouldn’t be in this situation.

Nah we will still be in the situation because no changes didn’t include the players themselves which is the change that kills things.