Dead Major WoW Characters we may see in SL

This is a compiled list of major character deaths within the history of Warcraft and my personal thoughts where they would be in the Shadowlands. From Orcs and Humans, to BfA. Now some of these have been revived or fate unknown. There appears to be more zones than the ones we will encounter in Shadowlands xpac. I also dont have the beta and know little of the Maldraxxuss story and theme and not sure who would end up there(for sure Vasj, Draka and Alexander Morgraine are there). Im excluding the alternate draenor, because im pretty sure the Canon needs to. The exception is Guldan, but only cause his alternate died while in our world, not on draenor.
I dont know where some things go. Even blizzard suggested that Titans may not be in shadowlands. So things like Elementals lords im not sure where to put as they may not be in SL at all.
Also please let me know if someone is confirmed in the expansion and I dont have that marked (again I dont have beta so I havent seen all there is to see yet).

Warcraft 1

  • King Llane - Killed by Garona, no idea where in SL he would be
  • Medivh - Killed by Lothar and Khadgar. Revived or his spirit returned, not sure the nature of his return in war3.
  • Blackhand - Killed by Orgrim in mak’gora. Being merely a puppet of Guldan, I do not think he would be in Revendreth or the Maw.
  • Draka - Killed by Rend and Maim. Within Maldraxxus

Warcraft 2

  • Lothar - Killed in Action within Burning Steps. Could be Bastion, seemed very selfless person.
  • Guldan - Killed by demons at Tomb of Sargeras. Likely inside the Maw or Revendreth
  • Dentarg - Killed by Khadgar. Not sure where to put him for shadowlands
  • Ner’Zhul - Killed by Kil’Jaeden. Converted into the Lich King. Most likely in the Maw if anywhere. (also blizzard we need better closure on his story. put him in this expansion somewhere)
  • Teron Gorefiend - Killed by Turalyon. Spirit remained in Draenor somehow and was revived during Burning Crusade by the player.

Warcraft 3

  • Orgrim Doomhammer - Killed before game starts. Not sure where to put him, but would be nice to see something of him in SL.
  • King Terenas - Killed by Arthas while possesed by the Lich King. Likely in a zone of shadowlands reserved for kings whose main accomplishment was to be murdered. Probably with Llane there too.
  • Uther - Killed by Arthas. Resides in Bastion
  • Kel’Tthuzad - Killed by Arthas. Revived as a Lich
  • Antonidas - Killed by Arthas. Should be suffering in Revendreth for arrogance if there is justice.
  • Sylvanas - Killed by Arthas. Revived as a Banshee
  • Cenarious - Killed by Fel Orcs. Rested in Ardenweald, revived in Cataclysm
  • Mannoroth - Killed by Gromm. Returned to Argus for revival ( but I dont recall him in Legion at all )
  • Gromm Hellscream - Killed by Mannoroth. Not sure where he would be in Shadowlands, but he should show up at some point imo.
  • Archimonde - Killed by wisps. Should of returned to argus for revival. Hard to say where he is. The alternate draenor was invaded by Archimonde but is it an alternate or the same? They made it way too confusing.
  • Garithos - killed by Varimathras. Not an important character, but i still want to see him being drained in Revendreth.
  • Daelin Proudmoore - Killed in Action. Maybe in Revendreth, but could be elsewhere.

WoW Vanilla

  • Edwin VanCleef - Killed by players. Not sure where to put him. He was a criminal, but so was the crimes against him.
  • Sally Whitemane - Killed by players. Turned undead by Knights of the Ebon Blade.
  • Emperor Thaurissan - Killed by players. not sure where to put him for SL.
  • Rend - Killed by players. Probably too much of a puppet of Nefarian to be in Revendreth. Not sure where to put him. Also Maim is dead at some point before players go into UBRS, but again no where to put them i can think of.
  • Vaelastrasz - Killed by players. Maybe Bastion? He did wish to die so he could not harm others.
  • Nefarian - Faked his death? Was alive in Cataclysm, but dont recall exact circumstances
  • Onyxia - Killed by players. Revived by Nefarian
  • Hakkar - Killed by players. Resides within The Other Side
  • C’thun - Killed by players? Old Gods are massive beings. best analogy ive heard is we just pop big pimples on their back when we do the raids for cthun yogg and nzoth. They are more likely not actually dead. Even so, not sure they would even go to SL
  • Alexander Morgrain - Undead form killed by players. Purified by his son Darion. Resides in Maldraxxus
  • Kel’Thuzad - Undead form killed by players. But his Phylactery was never destroyed. Was revived again for WotLK expansion.

Burning Crusade

  • Gruul - Killed by players. Maybe there is a big open zone in SL for him to rampage as he wishes
  • Magtheridan - Killed by players. Spirit returned to Argus for revival. Not sure he is dead as I dont recall seeing him at all in Legion.
  • Lady Vasj - Killed by players. Resides in Maldraxxus
  • Prince Kael’thas - Killed by players twice. Resides in Revendreth
  • Illidan - Killed by players. Revived in Legion
  • M’uru - Killed by players. Not sure where a dead Naaru go.
  • Zul’jin - Killed by players. Not sure where in SL
  • Zuluhed the Whacked - Killed by players. Possibly in Revendreth

Wrath of the Lich King

  • Drakuru - Killed by players. Possibly Revendreth. he was a traitor, but not sure exactly where that would put you.
  • Kel’Thuzad - Killed by players again. Resides in Maldraxxus
  • Malygos - Killed by players. Not sure where a blue dragon would go. but i bet it would be somewhere that really wants him as im sure an Aspec has a ton of Anima.
  • Loken - Killed by players. Not sure where a construct would go, but possibly the Maw or Revendreth if he is in SL.
  • Yogg’Saron - Killed by players? not sure if dead as they are massive beings. If so, not sure where an Old God would go, may not even be in SL
  • Dranosh Saurfang - Killed by the new plague. Revived as a death knight. Killed by players. (He needs to be in SL. A great story would be for him to wish to rescue his father from the Maw as his father rescued him from undeath)
  • Lich King (Arthas and Ner’zhul) - Killed by players. Arthas tossed into the maw. Ner’Zhul likely remained in the helm, but unknown after it was shattered. (both arthas and ner’zhul need an appearance in SL. My guess is they have better insight into the Jailor and will be part of 9.3 story by helping the player learn the jailor’s weakness in the raid)


  • Cairne Bloodhoof - Poisoned by Grimtotem. Possibly in Ardenweald?
  • Cho’gall - Killed by players. Probably in the Maw
  • Nefarian and Onyxia - Killed by players. Probably in the Maw
  • Ragnaros and Al’Akir - Killed by players in their own realms, so permadeath. Not sure where an elemental lord goes. So may not even be in SL.
  • Neltharion - Killed by Thrall. Probably in Maw

Mist of Pandaria

  • Lei Shen - Killed by players. Not sure where to place, but he would have a massive amount of Anima. Possibly Revendreth.
  • Nazgrim - Killed by players. Revived as a Death Knight


  • Garrosh Hellscream - Killed by Thrall. Resides in Revendreth

(At some point during legion is when I believe that SL was broken and all souls enter the Maw by default. Since we see Ysera in Ardenweald, who died during leveling campaign, I suspect this didnt take effect until after the leveling campaign. We also see Ursoc die in during Nightmare raid, but also in Ardenweald.)

  • King Varian - Killed by Gul’dan. Should be in a nicer place than Llane, as Varian actually did more things than just being murdered.
  • Vol’jin - Killed in Action. Became a Loa I think?
  • Ysera - Killed by Tyrande. Resides in Ardenweald
  • Ursoc - Killed by players. Resides in Ardenweald
  • Grand Magistrix Elisande - Killed by players. Probably would be in Revendreth, unless in Maw due to Sylvanis
  • Guldan (alternate) - Killed by Illidan. Would skip because he is alternate, but he did die within our realm. Probably in Maw
  • Kil’Jaeden - Killed by players. Returned to Argus for revival. Probably lost among the Twisting Nether since Argus was killed.
  • Argus - Killed by players. Not sure where a dead titan would go. probably not in SL

Battle for Azeroth

  • Rezan, Loa of Kings - Killed and raised by Zul. Killed again by players. In the Maw
  • Hir’eek Loa of Bats - Killed by players. In the Maw
  • Torga Loa of Turtles - Killed by blood trolls. reincarnated as a young turtle. He made it to the water.
  • Lord Stormsong - Killed by players. he becomes a K’thir so not sure if he is in SL. If so he is in the Maw
  • G’huun - Killed by players. not sure where an Old God would go.
  • King Rastakhan - Killed by the Alliance. Claimed by Bwonsamdi
  • Lady Ashmane - Killed by players. In the Maw
  • N’zoth - Killed by players? Even in N’yalotha he would be massive and we only popped a pimple on his back. If he is dead not sure Old Gods even go to SL
  • Varok Saurfang - Killed by Sylvanas. In the Maw. (we need a rescue mission story arc for him. Preferably incluidng his son Dranosh)

Confirmed as a boss in De Other Side dungeon.

Yep, he’s in Maldraxxus and from my understanding the arc villain of the Necrolord campaign.

Zuluhead was killed in BC, Mor’ghor was the Dragonmaw leader killed in Cata.

They confirmed in at Blizzcon that at some point during Legion the machine of death broke.

He’s apart of the Night Fae covenant campaign as a spirit and it seems his arc ends with him in a pod becoming a loa.

In an interview it was established that AU characters who die becomes threads in the MU rope. So AU Gul’dan has become a thread in MU Gul’dan’s rope.

As revealed in Shadows Rising Bwonsamdi has Rastakhan, and all other trolls, under his care.

This thread looks like a bingo card. Somehow

What do we win when we get 4 in a line?

But honestly I am not so comfortable with all the possible meetups.
Don*t know… some are funny like KaelThas since it became a meme that he somehow allways comes back.
With some like Garrosh it is cool to see what punishment he got.

But a whole stampede of dead characters feels weired. But well … that is the purpose of this expansion unfortunately.

I want to see anduin lothar give a speech to anduin wyrnn on to become stronger. Although i like anduin now he could benefit from this.

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Lothar’s arguably the original main character of the Warcraft setting, so a cameo for him would be nice.

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I think it’d be fun if they used old bosses as encounters here and there.

One of my favorite bits in Wrath was when Arugal turned up as a questline in Grizzly Hills. And since this is SL we could see all sorts. Gandling, Rend, Dagran, Godfrey and so on.

Hell maybe a dungeon just made out of old bossfights. That could be fun.


ty for the info. i updated original post

Considering how much AU Gul’dan insisted he wasn’t the same as MU Gul’dan, this hits a lil tragic.

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Might of been awkward to do a quest or scenario with 2 Gul’dans.

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I’m willing to bet 1000 dollars that blizzard doesn’t even remember half these characters

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Your welcome.

I know its unlikely but I want to see Deathwing in the Shadowlands. If for no other reason than to have Wrathion meet him.


Is this confirmed? I was under the impression in Shadows Rising, Bwonsamdi showed Zappy Boi a vision of Saurfang happy and safe with his wife and son, though I’m not sure if it mentioned where exactly. Bwonsamdi mentioned he was trying his best to keep troll souls from being siphoned towards the Maw (likely the reason Sylvie wanted him dead in the first place?) and managed to get Saurfang’s soul to safety.

I believe Roux confirmed on Twitter that Bwonsamdi was lying to make Zekhan feel better and to make him go along with what he needed. It was when he died and saw the maw firsthand that he realized he was deceived.


Ah okay, I don’t follow Roux on Twitter, so thank you for clearing that up. :slight_smile: