Darkspear Dead?

Is Darkspear a dead server now?

Its low pop and no one really on from the server. I just see people from other servers

I don’t know how this happened :frowning: We were High pop 6 months ago, medium pop 3 weeks ago, and now Low right as Shadowlands drops. I guess enough people took advantage of finding a new home, but I have almost allllll my toons on this server and lived here for 12 years

My guess is that a lot of people transferred Horde. But have no idea

My guess is everyone was just trying to dodge poulpulated servers for early game so they left to lower populated servers to reduce problems

Im still here, don’t worry fam.

I just transferred over myself, and it’s all a matter of perspective. The pop is a-okay imo.

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I put a soul stone on it before I left…


its overrun with tichondrius - blizzard screwed a major pvp ally realm and now its dying…jsut another way blizz is disconnected from this game

currently and formerly pressing buttons

Lol I posted in here Nov 20th 2020 to cry about our dead server. Quit playing about a month after that and re-checked today to see if any merge happened. Well seems like it’s even worse nearly a year later :l I missed a recent-ish server xfer sale too great. Really no interest in abandoning all my characters to start over somewhere new, and just as little interest playing on a dead server where I don’t see players nor can sell on auction house

so you came back?

Droppin on back in Months later here in 2022 to let you know. right now in the evening on a weekday its 7pm Wednsday (now not a tuesday sure but) I can currently count all the lvl 60s from darkspear in org on one hand.
I can count every single person in my faction currently leveling a character between 10- and 49
On one hand.

abandon ship ig.
Very cool. and bangin start to the year.