Darkspear Alliance Guild Recruitment - Shadowbanë

We are a freshly made guild recruiting new, returning and experienced players to come help one another in the guild as we prepare for the new expansion: Dragonflight. Our big focus is dungeons, mythic dungeons, heroic raids and mythic raids but we will have room for PVP. We also want to help those who are new with ideas/advice, power leveling, gold grinding and much more… We currently don’t have any specific dungeon/raid times set but once we get enough members, we will start having set times.

The only requirement we have is to join us on Discord, which once joining the guild, you will have 7 days to check in to be promoted from Recruit to Member.

Everyone that joins starts off as recruit, to be promoted to Member, you must check in on Discord (details are posted on there).

Once you show overall performance in the guild (biggest ways is donating gold to the guild vault for people to have guild repairs available), you can be promoted from Member to Full Member which means you’ll be able to join in more guild events.

We also have PVE Leader rank and PVP Leader rank available for those who qualify, once we get more members, I will post details in regards to those ranks.

I may have one officer available as I do have a full time job and won’t be available (mostly mornings until afternoon).

ALL EVENTS RUN UNDER DARKSPEAR TIME BUT WILL ALSO RUN IN EASTERN US TIME (Example: Miami, FL; New York City, NY, Detroit, MI; etc…). Pacific time will be posted as well since the game mainly runs under Pacific Time.

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