Darkshore Mog Farming

Hi all. With the Darkshore scenario being open to the Horde this week, I’ve been running it everyday with the hopes of obtaining the Apothecary Spellstaff for mogging. It’s my favorite staff and would complete my look as a Forsaken warlock. It’s literally the only thing from Darkshore I’d want on a caster, but I’ve somehow managed to complete the armor set (minus the cloak) and still no weapon. My question is this: should I just wait until I can farm the rares once Horde gains control? Is that more efficient?

For some more context, Darkshore’s queue can be upwards of 30 minutes for only 4-5 people. On top of that, Maeiv is broken. She has a crucial bug in that if she isn’t dps’d down in a short time, she goes invulnerable and resets the fight. This has been reported for weeks but has yet to be fixed. This just adds to the time each run takes as we have to work around it. I desperately want this staff but running the entire scenario for one chance at it seems a waste. Thoughts?

You can go kill the rares even if your faction doesn’t control the zone. You just dont have the portal but can travel there.

I dint know people were still running the scenario thats good to know.

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