Darkmoon Faire reputation not working as intended?


This last Darkmoon Faire I did my research and found that the top tier items for the fair should have brought my reputation up to 5,999/6,000, but in fact stopped around 2k.

I turned in a bunch of the smaller items to confirm that they disappear from the list as the reputation goes up and got rid of primarily engineering and blacksmith goods and just a couple of leather items until they all disappeared and I was left with only the top tier items. I therefore began to turn them in and made my way up to around 2,000 friendly reputation with Darkmoon Faire. Turning in more Thorium Widgets did not increase my reputation passed that point despite documentation in various places and from a variety of resources claimed it should up to 1 point below Honored.

I tried logging out and back in, then turning in one more. I tried cashing in some DMF tokens to get goods and then went back to turn in more widgets. I tried leaving the zone and going back to Stormwind: still no more rep. I tried everything I could think of and ended up spending a bunch of time and gold to find what I believe to be a bug. If an item would no longer gain reputation, it should have disappeared from the quest options and this clearly has not but awards no rep.

After submitting a ticket and waiting several days, I received no response or even indication that a ticket exists, so I’m hesitant to say what I honestly believe of the support at this point in time, but it’s not what it used to be. I therefore turn to the community to see if anyone else has experienced this, solved this, or has another way around it (other than turning in decks) to continue my rep gain with DMF.

Please advise.

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Thorium Widgets are Tier 4, which cuts off at 2500/3000 neutral. (That’s according to the WOWHead guide: https://classic.wowhead.com/guides/classic-darkmoon-faire.

There doesn’t appear to be a Tier 5 option for engineering to get to 5999/6000 Friendly. The options are Evil Bat Eyes (drop), Dense Grinding Stones (BS), and Rugged Armor Kit (LW).

Now, maybe that’s a bug and they should be Tier 5. If so, it would best be submitted as a bug - in-game or on the WOW Classic Bug Report forum. The above just shows that the current knowledge of the game has it listed as Tier 4.

EDIT: Actually, if the quest is still showing up past the rep point it gives, that definitely sounds like a bug. Usually the quest isn’t even available if it won’t give rep.

Thanks for that, Eilethalua!

I believe the top tiers continue to exist for the purpose of people being able to submit whatever their professions allow in order to earn more tickets. My rep gain actually stopped just below 2k, which again was perplexing.

Next visit, I’ve got plans to try the bat eyes, rugged armor kits, and dense grinding stones, but I won’t hold my breath… this might be the limit to one’s reasonable ability to earn reputation with the Darkmoon Faire.

For the record, I believe that the listing in wowhead as per your link was the same source I had utilized and shows that indeed the engineering items are listed as tier 4, but also have another tier 4 equivalent (Mechanical Repair Kits) which led me to believe that it was a typo and should be tier 5, especially considering that only tier 5 items have the repeatable quests that follow. Finally, turning them in gives 20 tickets, which clearly indicates that it is a tier 5 item and should behave (provide rep) as the other tier 5 items to also, hence the bug.

As such, since both the reputation gain stopped below the 2500 limit suggested by the tier 4 items and the quest has not disappeared: I believe that the quest is appearing as it should (a tier 5) but is not behaving as it should by providing reputation all the way through.