Darkmoon Faire Racing Quests

I don’t know who came up with the idea of the 11 tolls achievement and the 20 tolls achievement, but when they did they must have died laughing !

I feel your pain. The 11 toll achievements took me more attempts than I care to admit…

And I can’t seem to get any of the 20 toll achievements.

They are possible, you just need near perfect play

I completed the real race for the checkered flag in 20 tolls. It has 50 uses… They say if you don’t like it don’t play. I’m done with this game. I would have rather got a confetti popper or nothing. Consumable item is just a slap in the face. Every other achievement has some sort of toy or pet or collectible. The race was insanely hard and I get trash. It’s the last time jerks.

it’s not as if the reward is secret…

so you’d be happy to do it and get nothing, yet you get a cool reward and are unhappy? :thinking: