Darkmoon Faire Dissapeared?

Whats the latest and how does this happen when this game is over a decade old? I heard the 10% dmg buff from the Sayge is removed on raid zone in. this true?

Is anyone absolutely shocked at how inept this company is?

actually not suprised by this… I figured I could go to bed and snag the DMF Buff in the morning but just even more let down by Blizzivison


Its actually getting to the point that paying for this version of the game isnt even worth it. I cant believe how much better private servers were run than actual classic. Good fix on WSG tho. Hope that actually helps

We got us a bug, boys!
wields exterminator gun

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What bothers me is that 3 hours after this post went up we got a blue response, so they are reading the forums, they see all the problems…

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Do you think they care? Blizzard just released WC3R… that should show how far this company has fallen.

The bug isn’t what’s surprising. A blue responded to a post here! This is a brand new development for these forums. Unheard of.


No, this is not the case.

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10 bucks says you’ll still log in today though.

not gonna lie, this is actually hilarious.

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Where did I say I was quitting? I also said its GETTING to that point, not that we’re there yet. GOod try tho

wanna take a stab at fixing AV while you are fixing stuff

I will take “What is QA” for 400 Alex.

AV will be fixed when AB comes out… no one will be playing AV then =)

I’m actually really curious to watch you follow this train of thought to it’s logical conclusion.

They either can’t fix them or they don’t care. Which is more depressing to you?

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The Darkmoon Faire is back on all realms.

May Sayge give you good fortune.


Thank you for letting us know that’s back.

What bothers me is that people don’t check the Customer Service or Technical Support forums. They responded pretty quickly there, like they always do. Not on General.

Hey! I’m here! I just got back from this weird blocky world where you can make interesting things by smashing blocks together.

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