Darkmoon Faire Dissapeared?

I was at the DMF last night and today its gone? What happened? lol


Missing on Pagle as well. Just up and left town!

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I cant even get on.

Gamon got pissed.


Was logged out at the buff guy last night, now its gone…wtf blizz

Yeah it’s gone.

Haven’t checked, but is it possible that after the reset they accidentally moved it to goldshire?

edit: I checked Goldshire on Grobbulus, not there.

No, at least not on Pagle.

Not on Mankrik at either location.

He got tired of bribing all the local authorities because of the constant murder on the grounds. So he left .


Missing on Bigglesworth too, checked both Mulgore and Goldshire and neither have it.

How can you mess this up so easily lol.

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Gone from Smolderweb as well. Just brought two guildies out to show them ropes of classic’s version and it was just deserted. Shout out to the troll mage Fats who came to hang out

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So if your in DMF when it disappears, do you disappear with it?

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Would explain why I havent seen my good pal Steve around lately.


LOL, I managed to get the buff last night! and yeah this morning its gone, weird!

kickin myself for not getting it last night with the “it’ll be here in the morning” mentality >.> feelsbad

I was in it during the maintenance and awoke to a empty dusty area. They left me!

I went to goldshire yesterday on Atiesh. nada. have not logged into game today yet.

We had a bug rear its ugly head with realm maintenance.

We’re working to bring the Faire back as soon as possible.


It’s not gonna be in goldshire. Its in Mulgore.

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