Darkmoon Fair Spirit buff doesn't go into Chronoboon

Pretty self explanatory. The 10% spirit buff for DMF isn’t absorbed into the Chronoboon like the 10% damage buff is.

Based on the item description this seems intentional:

Alters the fabric of time, suspending the beneficial world effects from dragonslaying, Dire Maul, Zul’Gurub, and Felwood.

Definitely annoying though, as it seems like the overall intention of the item is to stop people needing to raid log. If it isn’t working with DMF, people will still need to raid log.

well it is storing the 10% damage buff tho so one would think it should store all of the DMF buffs

Oh I’m an idiot and didn’t read his whole post apparently. Disregard my comment then, if it’s working for the damage buff it should work for all of them.