Dark Portal is Broken

Same issue here, Even after I talk to Zidormi (I’m a few zones away from Loremaster on this toon and I’ve done the whole Blasted Lands zone story too).

Just to clarify - the behaviour of the portal leading to Draenor rather than Outland for level 90+ is intended and makes perfect sense. Reporting it as a bug isn’t going to change it.

The original bug this thread was about was that the Dark Portal was briefly not working for level 60 characters trying to go to Outland for the first time, but that seems to have been resolved.

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It is still bugged. Tried today 7/28 and it is not working. Yes, I am sure it is green and am viewing it before the invasion. Level 120 druid. Not working.

Except the past version of the Dark Portal doesn’t work for level 90+ characters. You just go through the portal and you don’t get transported to anywhere.

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From what I understand, that is intended. For level 90+ characters, the past version of the dark portal (green, goes to Outlands) does not work. On purpose. Characters 90+ are expected to use the provided Shattrath portal in their capital city and fly to Hellfire if needed.

Do you have an official source for this information, because I don’t recall seeing an official statement declaring this to be “not a bug”.

Otherwise, it is assumed to be a bug unless it is confirmed to be an intentional change by Blizzard.

That’s pretty naive. If you look in the dictionary under “Undocumented change”, defintion #1 is “See Blizzard”.

Doesn’t matter. The only entity whose opinion matters is Blizzard QA. If they understand that this was intentional, the bug report will be silently ignored.

A ticket response IS one of the things I want to hear about, though. I haven’t found any reference to anyone confirming that this is 100% intentional. If there’s no official response from any part of Blizzard declaring it an intentional change, then it’s just speculation.

Just came back from like 8 years of not playing go to the blasted lands using the honor hold npc in the portal room at SW only to get to the blasted lands have to fly up to change the time back to before WOD and then get here and the portal does nothing when I walk through it no matter what whether i’m mounted or on foot or whatever nothing.

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It’s still likely that the past Dark Portal not working for level 90+ characters is a bug. It was previously 100% broken, but it was fixed only for characters who haven’t yet triggered the WoD version of Blasted Lands.

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If it’s “intended” that the Outland dark portal doesn’t work when you specifically go back to the time when it was working, that’s completely stupid.


I opened up a ticket about this dark portal situation. At level 110, I CANNOT get to Outland AT ALL. No portal works, even from Shattrath, nothing… Not in the present nor the past even…
PS: I am mainly an EU player – created a US character so I can post here LOL

I sent in a bug ticket since I cannot get through the dark portal either. The portal in Stormwind to Shattrath worked for me so I flew back to Hellfire. Hopefully they fix this soon.

Still broken on Elune (US). 120 druid and Mage can’t get through (yes, the correct version!) of the Dark Portal. Tried leaving the zone, coming back, walking through, flying through…nada.

I feel I am just repeating myself and nobody is listening, but again: the behaviour of the portal is based on your level, not what colour the portal is or what time period you have Blasted Lands set to. This is by design. If you are way overleveled for Outland you go in through the Shattrath portal.

Someone in Customer Support seems to think it’s a bug that level 90+ characters can’t use the past version of the Dark Portal.

Otherwise, I can’t find any official sources claiming that it’s intentional for the Dark Portal in the past to not be usable by level 90+ characters.


Gonna keep necroing posts until this is fixed. Having this issue still 5/9/2020.

Same 5/12 2020; it works fine on random toons, but I just tried on my hunter and it won’t work no matter what I do (Lothar). And today I feel like I’m running into bug after bug; old raids requiring my character to have attunments and stuff like that :frowning:

Gonna go ahead and say it doesn’t work for me aswell, and heres an imgur to show. imgur*com/a/IycmijN (Didn’t use the character I posted with btw, dunno why it showed this character)

It doesn’t work for me either on 6/23/2020.