Dark Heart and WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Ahead

Season 4 was already dead.

So Blizzard half asses WoW Season 4 by feeding us regurgitated content, then cuts the season off after 3 weeks by releasing Remix. Is this what we have to look forward to in The War Within?


To be fair a week also can sound better then a week and two days but my bets om typo either way neat birthday gift for me simce its the 16th

Almost birthday patch

This one is just for me. NOBODY ELSE CAN PLAY IT

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When does this time limited event end?

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What does this even mean?

Cool so 3 weeks of season 4. Means I will do each raid once on normal and then go to MoP.

So can we get any Verification for the Evoker restrictions for this? As of right now you can only make one per server. But thats cause you start at level 60. With remix you start at level 10 like any other class.

I would like to know if you still will need to have a level 50 on a seperate server to make another? Cause right now you cant even boost one unless you have a level 50 on that server. Which sucks for me cause i play pretty much only on one server.

Apparently, it ends August 19th I think I saw? According to the Alpha in game calender at least. So I guess around that time is either pre patch (the more likely scenario) or the event ends a couple weeks before the launch of TWW.

It means the campaign story chapters that have been blocked by renown for the 4 original factions will now be open regardless of what renown level your character(s) have.


Ok, thanks. This should really happen sooner.

I’d argue that needing to choose between 2 cool and fun things is a great problem to have

What is time running

No it won’t lol.

I might have my issues with WoW but Diablo 4 is pure trash.

uh … why does the release date for each matter? You HAVE to play on day 1 to have fun? Sad for you
You can’t split your time up a bit throughout the week to get your variety of flavors in? l2 time manage

And if niether of those are something you can cope with … God forbid you have to make a choice in life. But the choice is pretty easy. You’ve got the release of a major storyline in retail vs. the re-release of content you’ve already played through.

Yup, they are taking retail servers offline when remix comes out. Be Prepared!!

I took it as removal of renown requirements that gate the DF quests/stories.

Pure speculation, however.

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We should know by now to “never say never”.

hoping it’s fun and good so they can expand on this, keep or rotate within chromie or something

I believe it was mentioned that there will be an Artifact sort of cloak (kinda like heart of Azeoth I guess) that will take the place of the Legendary cloak to access the areas the original cloak would let you get into.