Dark Accession does not help mind flay

Dark Accession should increase damage of everything except dot. How can you say mind flay is a parodical damage. In the current build, Dark Accession only help mind blast, which is extremely weak.

mind flay and void torrent are counted as dots. Thus it has always been.

dark ascension is great for a mindspike build. Love that build. use void form with if you want to play mindflay.

There is no using voidform. DA is just better at everything. Shadowflame prism, psychic link is assuring us of this.

Also Nzoth is direct hits as well. So DA for Aoe and ST.


Very good news. I hope Void form gets removed altogether

Ok but DA is just as bad as voidform lol


I like the DA animation a lot more than voidform, basically only reason Iā€™m team DA lol

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Yeah what was the reason people hated voidform in SL? i think the biggest reason is it destroyed your rotation and made it super spammy with void bolt, praising dark ascension when you are playing very similar and spamming mind spike looks even worse to me.

Dark ascension definitely should work with mind flay and void torrent, i was planning a build focused around 1min CDs with DA, mind bender and not taking the CDR for void torrent to sync everything up.
This is very disappointing to hear. If the channels are counted as dots do they work with our mastery? They should count as either dots proper or direct damage proper and not as nothing.

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