Dance Of The Dead - Oct 21st & 22nd, 2021 (RP & RP-PVP)

Target Acquired: Grenn, Ailardan
(RP-PVP event)


I am ready for more.

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whistles quietly and sips her tea

(Totally looking forward to this.)

Okay weird question for all. Who isn’t ready for this?

Ketsu, why do you ask questions that no one will answer. >:D We’re all degenerates here! <3

That is the point.

Looking forward to this! Hoping to see a lot of Scarlet Crusaders here alongside the Alliance! Maybe!

A lot of work, love, and care has gone into this all this year! I look forward to seeing how it goes!


Alongside the Alliance, you say…

…I knew it.


Coming up!

Bring out your dead…and living, actually just bring everyone!


Surely we could all just get together on neutral ground and arrange a nice little sit down between parties?

Some place like… Caer Darrow?

innocent smile, hand gestures to Cult of the Damned agents in background

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Ahhh, someone finally noticed :wink:

This invitation would be spread throughout Azeroth proper, through official and unofficial channels. A number of them would find their way into the hands of the Alliance, Horde, and neutral organizations alike.


This is TOMORROW!!

** Welcome to the 8th annual Dance Of The Dead!**

A quick word about tonight’s rp and dramatic conclussion: tonight’s rp event will include rp violence, combat, character injury, and character DEATH. The event tonight is trial by combat to determine sentancing of the prisoners. If these kinds of rp themes are upsetting to you, please consider coming to the RP party on Friday instead.

As always - all of the rp you will see with the prisoners is CONSENSUAL. There is a lot of ooc communication that happens, and we are having fun with the only intention of making fun rp and hype.

Getting the voice or Sylvanas is pretty incredible, I do not know if I’ll be available for the event but I hope it goes down well and all have fun! ^^

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Dance of the Dead - Trial by Combat

Tonight, the Forsaken exact their vengeance upon those who have wronged them. Come stand with them in Horde solidarity, or join the Alliance in supporting their champions, put forth to give the imprisoned a fighting chance at surviving the Forsaken’s twisted justice.

Come, and witness a night of tension and bloodsport!

Time: Raids form at 7:45, summons will be available.
Raid Contacts/Anchors: Maxen-MoonGuard (A) | Mirchea-MoonGuard (H)


((Though this is tense cross-faction rp, OOC this is for fun. Poor sportsmenship, OOC trash talking, and bullying are not welcome. Everything with the prisoners has been coordinated and is consensual, OOCly.))


Bumpie Bumpie for an Epic Stream Queen/Artist/Friend and all the amazing folks working hard to make this amazing event come to life <3 <3

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Liberation Festival Schedule
Where: Caer Darrow
All times posted are server times.

8 pm - Opening Ceremony, all booths open
8:30 pm to 11 pm - Meet & Greet with Patty on Discord Voice
8 pm to 8:45 pm - Dueling Registration Opens In Person
9 pm - Dueling Begins, the player must be present when called or forfeit their spot
9:30 pm - Costume Contest Begins
Midnight - Formal close, however, everyone is still welcome to hang out and rp.

SUGGESTED: Bring an inky black potion to make the festival that much more immersive, and an elixir of tongues.

Factions: All

Servers: All

Raid Leads/Anchors for Tonight:
▬ Mirchea-MoonGuard (H)
▬ Narinthe-MoonGuard (A)
▬ Maxen-MoonGuard (A)

Hope to see y’all there! <3