Dampening in 2s should only apply to teams that have a healer

I play double dps with my brother and typically we play something like ret/fury, ww/ret, enh/dk or sometimes mm/war. What is super annoying is when we fight a team that has a healer, our defensive s right off the bat are nerfed by 20% and of course as the game goes on, they are worse and worse. This means defensives favor characters that don’t rely on healing.

In 2s, dampening should only affect the team that has an actual healer because it sucks to have your own abilities to help you survive just become worthless.

Another option they could do is have dampening for double dps teams effect the healing you do to others and not yourself so teams that have strong off healing will weaken off healing over time but still be good for themselves.

And before anyone talks about my rating - yes the best we’ve done was 1800. But considering a) a majority of players barely break 1600 and b) 2s is already considered a meme bracket, so who cares. This would be a good change for double dps comps.


Stopped reading when you mentioned Double Dps

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I remember getting to 2k playing ret ele or ret feral in 2s in shadowlands, I havent tried it much this expansion, but ret healing suck rn anyway so no point to actually do it

I don’t think that’s really the play, considering then all you’d have to do is play a double dps comp that could survive and play for dampening.

I do however think DPS healing shouldn’t have as severe of dampening as healers get, not least which because various specs are reliant on healing as a defensive, ergo dampening disproportionately punishes some specs more than others.

But all of this circles back to the game’s design needing a fundamental overhaul. Dampening was only ever intended as a temporary band-aid when it was added in MoP, due to their inability at the time to balance PvE & PvP numbers separately. It’s a mechanic that feels bad for healers and DPS whose defensibility relies on healing alike. Not necessary if they actually put effort into balancing damage output, healing throughput, and mana toolkits.

He’s right. Double dps shouldn’t have dampening. They should just have healing completely disabled.


I think a more reasonable solution is to remove the ability to que as healer in the 2v2 format. Make everyone play double dps.


Just in general Dampening needs to not impact cooldowns and defensives. It should only affect rotational healing by healers themselves. Previously I would include external healing by hybrids, but they are throttled via mana now.

So no healing would ever be reduced for any DD. Then for healers they wouldn’t have their big CDs reduced, whether they be defensives or healing. Using Preservation as an example, Dream Breath and Reversion would be affected, but Renewing Blaze and Rewind would not be.

Having specs be so asymmetrically impacted by Dampening is just an unnecessary balancing headache that also creates a ton of feelsbad moments. You could drop both while maintaining it’s purpose by reducing its scope as I’ve outlined.


Starting dampening is alot less on double dps than healer/dps isn’t it?

Solo Shuffle - Start at 10% Dampening and after 1 minute, ramp up at a pace of 25% per minute
2v2 (double DPS) - Start at 10% Dampening and immediately ramp up at a pace of 6% per minute
2v2 (with a healer) - Start at 30% Dampening (up from 20%) and immediately ramp up at a pace of 6% per minute
3v3 - Start at 10% Dampening and after 3 minutes (down from 5 minutes), ramp up at a pace of 6% per minute

Doesn’t really matter though. Hybrid healing is garbage in dragonflight so double DPS 2s isn’t really viable. Not like shadowlands when hybrid healing was strong and you could actually make it work pretty well up to a point.

Takes actual skill to win with double dps in 2s.

You automatically beat double dps 90% of the time just for running with a healer that knows when to press defensive cds.

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If there is a healer/dps, then both the double dps and the healer team start at 30% dampening as opposed to the double dps being 10% and healer team being at 30%. Only time double dps comps start at 10% is if they are fighting another double dps comp.

Are you sure about that? That doesn’t make any sense.