Dalaran LF casual and social guild


Hey all,

Returned to WoW about a month ago after a break at the end of Legion. Are there any guilds looking for members on Dalaran? I would mostly be there just for conversation, dungeon running and possibly light raiding, but mostly just looking for community to hang out with. I’m a Warlock, I think around ivl 360 at the moment. Thanks!


Hello there Essedess! I am Sinblossom, the GM of Horde guild Entity on Dalaran. We are a raiding guild but we also run Keystones and have more social activities like seasonal guild events, random discord raffles and more! We would be happy to have you, feel free to add my Btag and we can chat some more if you like! LilDictator#11665


Sounds good, thanks! I’ll send you a message some time tonight when I’m home and on.