Dalaran Engineering Auction House Disappeared

It’s still gone as of now, I was able to use it earlier in the day today.

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I really hope that this was a mistake and it’s added back in. I leveled my Engineering last night, and when I found out I couldn’t use the AH today I was extremely angry and frustrated with the game. Like my time had been wasted. Why make players feel bad? Classic so far has been about making positive decisions and great changes. I’m just disappointed right now.


This is one of the reason I play classic instead of retail. I know what to expect.

But now, the Blizzard devs have decided to add their own little spin on things. You have already screwed up retail. Please keep your pesky little mitts out of classic. There is nothing you can change that will make it better, and your history proves that you make things worse.


This issue and then not being able to send cold weather flying to same bnet account different license has me pulling out my hair. Things could have been done so much better for such little effort. Just say something we hate being left in the dark about stuff like this.


Wait? What? This worked in the og.

OG had bnet? LMAO

Bnet has been in use since 2009 when they rebranded

This was deliberately removed for some reason since if you talk to the guards they’ll tell you to go to portals and back to major cities. I am so angry i just logged off the game.

When you make an entire profession obsolete and air drop thousands of potions, elixirs and flask but engineering AH must come next patch just because! … How are these decisions are made? extremely stupid.

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I got engineering on my Rogue and my Mage, but haven’t yall heard of a bank alt? Dont see the big deal

Yes. They also merged mounts across accounts during original Wrath (late in the expansion). I’ve been playing multiple accounts since Vanilla. That’s why I remember it.

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Just adding to this because I want info on when the damn AH is coming back.

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So many confused engineers in the engineering shop in Dalaran…

Maybe its a phasing thing?

Out of touch

Blizzard doesn’t care about classic wow. Retail is the main event, we’re just a someone’s side project that happened to be semi successful.

The company has devolved into an absolute clown show.

If this wasn’t an accident, this is a pretty huge change without any sort of communication at all, after many people made their profession choice and spent thousands of gold leveling because of this perk.

Need clarification Blizz!

Anyone think…maybe they are trying to fix the jacked up lag and unusable state of all AH addons by reverting it then figuring out what went wrong?

I had gotten engineering just for this. Lame

I’m assuming that Blizz decided the AH actually only showing for Alliance only is bad and that they removed the NPC for alliance to give parity to Horde and it will be added back in phase 3.

This is literally so out of touch it’s beyond me. We are on the 3.3.5 client and have things from that patch already in the game (mount speed/cost, druid forms, barbershop etc) so them removing the Ah that’s specific for a tradeskill AND with no communication about it is just plain bad. Put this back in asap.

Unreal, add this back in blizz

This company has gone so far downhill in the past 10 years it’s really sad to see. I miss the old, passionate about their games blizz. We literally get no communication and they just remove it without saying anything.

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