Daily reminder that horde Alterac Valley spawns need to be moved further back at the beginning of the game

I really enjoy Alterac Valley. I like how big the map is and how many objectives there are on the map to take. The problem with this battleground is that the alliance really don’t queue for it…ever. It’s so unbalanced that I don’t blame them at all for playing the other battlegrounds. The horde spawn basically half way up the map and always reach the Icewing Bunker first…cutting off the alliance push.

Simply because they spawn closer to it.

I’m pushing for the horde to be moved further back at the start of the game. Much closer to their base. I want to play a competitive alterac valley and not the tragedy of a battleground we have nowadays where the alliance is composed of AFK people getting rep for gear rewards and horde just steamrolling everything. I hate it. I don’t want it. I want to enjoy alterac valley and the battleground could be amazing if horde didn’t have such an unbelievable advantage simply due to initial spawns.

I’m calling out every single classic wow developer @Blizzard to nerf horde spawns and make the battleground competitive. Take a hard look at the game and ignore the whiny no changes crowd. They are not the majority. The majority of players realize that alterac valley is incredibly one sided simply due to spawns and needs changes.

I will bump this every day, by myself if needed, until horde spawns are nerfed. I want to be able to play alterac valley again without just stomping alliance who have given up.


Okay, go ahead. It won’t change the win rate in AV so I don’t really care.

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You are 100% correct, this is an absolutely atrocious detail that Blizzard needs to fix ASAP.

I applaud you for posting this daily. This needs to get fixed.

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They actually don’t have to move the cave back to balance the BG. All they have to do is make the caves a “last resort” respawn only if you have no other GYs available. That would stop the cave respawn advantage at IBGY and Alliance getting sent to their cave from SPGY, which are the two biggest issues with the BG and why Alliance don’t queue.

Not to mention it preserves nochanges by keeping the map geography unchanged.

You say that, but I play now both my human rogue and an undead rogue. Once you play both factions at 60 you realize a few things.

  1. The average player is at about the same skill level no matter what is said among the faction you are on.

  2. It’s factually easier to win AV as horde because of the map layout providing a awesome start location to the main clash.

  3. Because of the layout it’s also easier to send a few back to defend very effectively.

  4. GY locations massively favor horde on defense of mid field (non base) areas.

  5. Because of shaman it’s very easy for the average horde team to very effectively repel the alliance push because they’re very common and are extremely effective offensive pressure and excellent short term healing.

  6. Will of the forsaken is just awesome in pug because it’s a default ability on a short CD. Sure thing that fear ward is superior, however fear ward requires a dwarf priest who also uses his abilities where it matters. I’ll give ya a hint, if horde has fear ward they would be equally bad at applying it.

No point in posting daily, monthly, yearly. Blizzard has made it plain that this game is on the back burner for them. Nothing will get done.

And delay the opening of the horde gate a bit so the teams can mid around the middle of the field of strife. That would be nice too.

Oh, and make it so you don’t get bumped back all the way to the aid station when you die at SFGY.


Daily reminder

All that is really needed is to make the cave spawn a last resort and fix the SF to aid station nonsense to make the bg better. Blizzard should be ashamed of themselves for the state of this bg currently. By the way you’re about to trolled by two smooth brains named misadventure and redheadchild.


Are they still at it? The forum experience has been so much better for me since I ignored them.

It’s their life’s work lol

You will annoy other players, daily…until a non-player team makes the change that YOU want. What a ridiculous idea.

If you intentionally annoy me (a player) every day…then I will report you, every day, for spamming me.


And everyday ill flag it.


Stopped reading there, and blizzard likely did as well.


Oh wow, look at that yet more insults from alliance players. How delightful, especially in light of myself and others stating, quite clearly, OVER and OVER that the cave and SF rez mechanics should be changed.

But hey, perhaps if you actually read my posts and were not so focused on your shrill shrieking, you would have seen that I have always been in agreement with what you posted.

Maybe you and Graff should step out of your echo chambers to read what players are actually posting for a change.


Hook line and sinker hahaha

What is this even? Did you actually read what I posted?
And to have the nerve to call others trolls, to boot.

Yep sure did and I knew that we agreed on those things when I posted it I just wanted to get you going and it looks like it worked :blush:

Daily reminder that there should be no changes.

Daily reminder that there already have been. Daily reminder that #nochanges has overall been toxic and made this recreation worse.