Daily Pet Battle Report Nuked

The forum isn’t letting me continue to post in the other thread until someone else replies, AND it seems as though my right to post links has been revoked.

RIP to the Reports on the forums.

Anyway, since I can’t post links and my sub is up on April 11th, you can see the daily reports on my Twitter, or the Xu-Fu’s, Secret Finder’s, & Warcraft Pets Discords :sparkling_heart:

Here’s today’s:



A bit late but I’m reminded I’ve never thanked you for faithfully summarizing the pet statuses every day. Thanks! I suspect I’m not the only one that usually starts my WoW day with your posts.

I did experimentally post a reply to your last entry, just recounting what I’m seeing.


Ugh, what a big shame. Your daily reports are helpful, especially for newer battlers/collectors. Blizz pls =\


I’m happy to help, and will do so until my sub runs out ^^ … just apparently not here, lol.

I imagine it has something to do with an automated whatsit, and honestly, given the state of CS at the moment I’m not sure it would be worth it to open a ticket. ^^’


The posting of links is likely related to trust level 3. They recently cleaned up a bug where the trust level was sticking around when it apparently shouldn’t. Posting links to all but a few select sites was a perk of level 3, which includes images. You can, I believe, put links in brackets for people to copy/paste out, but I forget the exact syntax.

While a ticket will not return the trust level unless it was lost in error, it can be earned back. Vrak has been helping people along letting them know what they’re missing. Wouldn’t hurt to ask: [CS Lounge] A New Year! 20-Years of WoW! - #1153 by Idontknowhow-darrowmere

Your thread has been much loved!


You’ll definitely be missed!

Which reminds me,neither have I. So…

Yes, thank you.


Do you post it on WarcraftPets? You provide such a beloved service I’d love to see it somewhere.

Edit: Oh, I missed that you’re posting it there.

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Hope to see you back in November. By then Plunderstorm, the “limited-time event”, might even be over.

Well, with a new limited-time event on the horizon, not sure how much longer Plunderstorm will last.

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From the PTR, there will be a couple of pets connected to this, too.



Well i guess Im doing MoP again, i did 40 levels in Dunderstorm, i can do MoP.


April 11th… It’s going to be a darker place.

^^’ I forgot I pre-ordered TWW when it first came out, so you have me until May 11th. I looked at my billing date when I canceled, and it didn’t show TWW time until the following month, iirc, because I double-checked when I made my Arfus video and it still said April 11th. But yeah, May 11th :sparkling_heart: