Daily life as the alliance

Okay well your ignorance speaks louder because youre wrong. Im sorry you get wrecked on your server and have to try and whiteknight your way in the forums to ruin other peoples gameplay.

Please explain my ignorance when I show evidence to back up my claims and you just bring personal experience that happened one night when a guild organized a pvp night and zerged a zone.


Do the horde zeppelins get camped 24/7 on your server?


Im not going to argue with someone who believes statistics from the 10% of guilds who post statistics. I encourage you to reroll alliance on herod so you can enjoy pvp again.

All I’m saying is allow the underpopulated, camped faction to play the game and leave the server that horde couldn’t balance with their currently available server transfers.

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There are plenty of Herod Alliance on here speaking about how bad it is there for them. Pvp is pvp phase 2 is crazy. All the websites have your server as being severly horde skewed. Only Blizzard has the true numbers they are only allowing horde to leave Herod so the 3rd party websites are probably correct.


Sorry your server sucks. Feel free to come to herod and enjoy pvp again. Just avoid hillsbrad where all the scrubs are and youll be okay

Yo btw i need bags and stuff for my ally (thesmite) on fairbanks i started maybe a lesser/greater essence wand to get started. Its cool if not.

Lol if you’re for real, hit me up i’ll get you setup.


You may get wipe but you will also be getting honor. Most of the time those you are fighting are a disorganized group of idiots. You won’t wipe nearly as often as you think. Also try and play at off peak hours. Server is more balanced then.

In a way you defeat yourself. Yes yes the server may have more of one faction but not always so don’t assume you have no chance but don’t repeat a failed tactic over and over. I have seen so many people stubbornly make the same mistakes like not rezzing as a group, not talking in chat with others, feeding honor but repeatedly rezzing by self and then try and take on campers instead of waiting for backup or playing a alt for a few minutes so campers get bored or move to someone else

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and this my friends it’s why, it’s so easy for a democrat to run for office, ignore stadistics and follow your feelings.

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roll on a pve server if you cant handle a pvp server.

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I think you’re projecting a narrative on the Horde, man.

I hear ya m8

Can’t mages cast invisibility? Never played one, so I’m not sure. If you can, it might not save you from the first gank, but it might help you get away from them afterwards. Also, I highly recommend that you invest in the Engineering skill if you haven’t already. Use of the Goblin helmet that causes the 30 second stun + a few bombs could’ve turned that into a win for you, especially combined with Mage CC abilities, and you certainly could’ve escaped if both of your assailants were stunned for 30+ seconds.

GaME unPlaYablE aS alLIanCE.
https:// imgur dot com/a/D0Lxdg1

SaYs The hoRde ON a HoERD doMinAnT SerVeR.

There’s a lot of alliance gank squads hitting up all the popular farming areas (at all hours oddly enough). When horde team up to push them away, they just hit up another area for a short while getting bounced around. While its probably not as bad as alliance have it, Horde still have this issue. I enjoy a good 1v1 against some random alliance I run into, but 1v5 isnt fun as the ganker or the gankee… at last for me.

Skeram needs more alliance, I am an unapologetic ganker/griefer but I cannot bring myself to to unmercifully kill ally here knowing that they probably got killed 9 x in the last hour. I find myself just letting them live, scared they will transfer off server. I wish blizz would reevaluate server demographics in a few months and merge pvp servers aiming for improved faction balance, and we don’t need hyphenated server names…just rename the entire new server and be done with it. Such a huge server imbalance makes it less fun for both sides.

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yo, ultima was awesome. this type of etiquette in games is dead - zoomers killed it

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Ok, boomer

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