Dagran Thaurissan II is a little disappointing

He’s supposed to be half Bronzebeard right? You don’t really see it at all, he just kinda looks like a totally full blooded dark iron.

Otherwise his design is fine, I just feel like a half bronzebeard half dark iron would look a little more unique.

i thought he was pretty unique looking
he looks like a nerd tho


I suppose the elemental corruption of the Dark Iron is just something that will take generations of removal from a pure dark iron to fade out.

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I’m honestly impressed with his design.

Him being a big nerd is something i didn’t expect in a dwarf design, and I’m honestly impressed and I like it.


Unique how, exactly?

Dark Irons are just Dwarves with glowing red eyes and dark grey skin.
Bronzebeard just lack those eyes, and usually have lighter grey or regular skin tones.

There really isn’t that much physical difference between the two, not really sure what you wanted to see here.

I think his design is pretty cool.

I’m really hoping he turns out to be a mage as well. It’s promising that he was in Dalaran to begin with in that regard. The Alliance could really use a decent mage who isn’t Jaina Proudmoore for a change.


I am so expecting him to be a fire mage.


Beardless male dwarves are a thing of evil.


He’s a 17 year old dwarf who comes from two lines of dwarven kings who doesn’t have so much as a chin hair-- yet his hands are so large he could envelop his own tiny peanut-sized head.

Earthen women have more of a beard than this guy.

He looks incredibly goofy, looking neither like a young dwarf nor an adult by them trying to reuse the male dwarf skeleton. Either commit and make a proper custom model make him look like a younger dwarf or just give him a short beard, or something.


They made him look like a Nerd to get close to the average player.

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I definitely think he needs a beard or some kind of facial hair. A Different hair style too. His outfit is cool but his hair and lack of facial hair feels very alien for a Dwarf and i can’t say i’m a fan. I hope he is or becomes a mage though.


I’m hoping that what we’re seeing is the version 1 of Dagran, and that before long he’ll be coronated by the Council of Hammers and have a new model with more Dwarven clothes and a proper beard.

Kind of like how Anduin’s original (unique) model was pretty bland and generic, but his second outfit was much more impressive.

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He needs a gross wispy teenage flame-fuz on his upper lip to really drive home the ugly duckling phase.

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just give him one of the little pencil mustaches from the nightborne?

As long as its on fire.

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I hate his design. He looks like a cringy Tumblr OC. No way a 14-17 year old dwarf has no facial hair. Humans have facial hair at that age. I expect him to be another Toddy Whiskers, except the weird Twitter people are gonna “stan” for him because he’s “cute.”


I like his design and think he’s just fine the way he is. And besides, not every teen/men in their 20s develops noticeable facial hair.


Not every teen is a dwarf.
Dwarves who make it a point to name themselves and their whole family bloodline after their facial hair.
Dwarves whose beards regularly grow down to their waists.

A) Devs don’t care he’s a dwarf and are treating him like a human (what else is new with non-human NPCs, amirite)
B) He shaves frequently, and that’s its own problem. That’d be like a troll filing off their tusks.


I hope his grandfather criticizes him for his lack of facial hair as much as the posters in this thread do.

Getting pissy over the lack of a beard is ridiculous. It’s a perfectly reasonable design decision. It sets him apart from other dwarves and frames him as iconoclastic and anti-traditionalist, which is literally the most normal thing for a teen to be.