<Da Lich Mob> (A) Recruiting players for 25man

Da Lich Mob is a group of players that mainly met in classic season of mastery. We came from several high performing guilds that cleared the content at a very good pace. All phases within 7 days of release. We take pride on being a group of friends that have a good time and enjoy clearing content together. Getting along and having a positive culture has always been our number one priority. We believe as long as we have a good culture we will come together and clear content at a very competitive pace. We are planning on being a semi hardcore guild to have a blast and down content.
Current prog- 17/17 Sarth 3D (10 and 25) we have immortal and undying

  • Raid times Monday and Wednesday 6PM - 9 PM ( 9PM - 12AM EST)

We are currently looking to recruit a Elemental Shaman, Mage and other strong DPS will be considered. Our DPS logs all are around 60-90 parses. i can supply logs for anyone who ask.
for anyone interested please message either my DISCORD or Bnet
Discord- Chrix#2394
Bnet- Nachocheesez#1119
Discord server invite- https://discord.gg/CCTUZWA476