Cycle of Hatred turn in: No Sylvanas,, Rokhan instead

So I started playing BFA after the prepatch. I’ve finished the war quests and the final one has you turn in “A Cycle of Hatred” to Sylvanas in Oggrimar. Only, she’s not there. There is a Troll (Rokhan) and Baine (who I turned the vulpine quests in to), but no sylvanas. How do I finish this quest?

ETA: searching on the net there was a note that they fixed this 10 days ago (I was also on the vulpine ally quest) but that appears to not be the case

I also encountered this problem last night. I got home from work today, finished the Vulpera quest chain and unlocked them, but Sylvanas was not there. It’s funny because I just want the trolls and not the Vulpera but I got the Vulpera already. Hope this gets fixed soon.

@Kathias - I had to do the battle of Lordoran quest event and then Sylvanas showed up.