Cyberpunk gonna be good?

What do you think? or is it just cos its cd project red

I believe it will be at least good. What they’ve shown so far is very impressive. I love how the game embraces its game nature with XP points everywhere, with RPG-like fighting but with guns, with dialogue options appearing in first person view, et cetera…

I’m not sure if I will be into the game, I just need more info but it does look very promising or even revolutionary. I’ll probably never understand why media outlets call movie-like games such as TLOU2 or Uncharted “revolutionary” just because they have realistic graphics.
Death Stranding offered revolutionary gameplay and story, and fantastic graphics, implementation of music and movement, feedback… ignore! TLOU2 offered the gameplay of Uncharted released way back in 2007 (with some adjustments, of course) and it’s "revolutionary’ sigh

I am excited and I have hope in CDPR. So far the only thing I disliked was voice-acting but I’m picky about it… Witcher series has fantastic Polish voices and I strongly recommend people to play the game again and this time with Polish voices :slight_smile:

It will be good because it’s my genre jam.

As a child of the 80s, the genre has been one of my favorite since Blade Runner.

Even if it sucks, I’ll like it. For example, the film Johnny Mnemonic was objectively a terrible film.

But I freakin loved it!