Cutting Edge Healer/Tank/DPS LF Guild (West Coast)

Experienced raider and mythic+ healer, tank, and dps looking for a new home on a Pacific server. I have almost every class at max level and am a huge lore nerd. I plan on tanking in Shadowlands but more than anything I’m just looking for a new guild to call home. I’ve been a filthy casual for most of Legion and BFA and I’m looking to get plugged back into the upper levels of the game. Most interested in Tichondruis as a server. All of my characters are on Area 52 but I can move one or two over if the guild is a good fit. Monk/DK/Pally/Rogue likely main going into SL.

Looking for a guild that’s ok with my sometimes darker sense of humor (not obnoxious, just amused by stuff that offends most people).

Adult-only guild, not interested in running with pubescent screechers.

My name is Quick and I am an Officer for < Illicit > an Alliance Social-Raiding Guild on Proudmoore.

I am looking for and recruiting for our Cutting Edge Focused team:

We raid Tues/Weds/Thurs from 6-9pm Server Time (PST), and intend to reduce to 2 days as the tier progresses, with the ability to pick up a third day again if needed and for any final CE push.

Team Needs:
1 - Non Paladin Tank
1 - Non Priest Healer (Must have DPS Offspec, or viable DPS character)
Melee DPS - Will consider all qualified applicants
Ranged DPS - Currently looking for a rockstar Shadow Priest, but will consider all qualified applicants.

Please: Have logs and Mythic Raiding experience. We are filling as we go, and considering that there is a sale on services now is the perfect time to come on over :slight_smile: Please reach out if interested.

If interested please reach out too:
Ryme - Illicit GM (bnet: Ryry#11575)
Quick - Recruitment Officer (bnet: QuickESQ#1651)

Let’s chat - jayc#11573

[H] Divine - Tichondrius
Friday/Saturday 8-11pm PST
Optional Wednesday raid at 8pm CST

Mature adult guild looking to push hardcore into shadowlands. We are a close community of roughly 3 years with our members extremely dedicated to our guild. Looking to fill up our last few spots on our mythic roster. We are also preparing for selling boosts in raids and dungeons on top of putting together competitive mythic+ teams. We have high goals for this upcoming expansion and looking for like minded players that will dedicate them selves to pushing content and building a strong community.

Recruiting: 1 Brewmaster monk / DH - WW / Warlock - Boomy - Hunter - Shadow - Elemental

let me know if you have any questions, i would be happy to answer them for you

Dark humor we should talk.