Curse of the Tides

For the love of all that is holy… How do I get rid of this stupid debuff? It’s a debuff that reads like this:

Curse of the Tides: Holding a cursed object. Periodically subjected to curses.

Except I can’t find in my bags what it’s talking about. I am getting really tired of this stacking curse that is lowering my health by 40+%.


Still can’t find any information on this…

Go to the underwater cave in The Hanging Reef ( near Mezzamere ) and talk to Gloomseeker Yarga she will take the cursed object and give you a bag of gold


Thank you.

Thanks for the info.
Much appreciated!

Found it in the pool near the alliance town entrance :blue_heart:


For those still unable to locate the cave:
Move to 39.3, 57.5 at the crossroad in front of the alliance camp
Look towards the waterfalls to the South-West
The cave can be found at the right side of the pond
Talk to the Tortollan NPC Gloomseeker Yarga


This is the quest, is the encrusted coin that you receive in one quest.

Ty very much, 2 days with that %/(/)###

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So clutch, thank you

Oh my god!! Thank you so very much! It has been driving me absolutely bonkers and I have been having problems questing and surviving because of this. I couldn’t find anything in my bags that had a debuff. You rock! I have had it since Tuesday. LOL Ugh

Thank you so much! I was deleting everything blue out of my bags and still couldn’t find it!

I may not play Horde, but that location is VERY close to Alliance camp. Is there a horde equivalent or do they have to risk getting that close to the Alliance camp to get rid of the curse?

I found two items to turn into Gloomseeker Varga (38 59 in underwater cave) Encrusted Coin and Blindeye all curses now counting down.

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I turned in the encrusted coin to Gloomseeker Varga in the underwater cave, but I still have the “Curse of the Tides” on me and it has been on my character for several days now. When will it be gone?

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Google the item, and find the location where to turn it in.

That’s what I did. Took just as long as it likely took you to create this thread.

Thanks so much…when you mentioned looking left to the waterfall, that did it for me!!!

Super helpful. Thanks a bunch!

I’ve just got to the point I just destroy them. Got tired of stopping what I was doing and running to sell them.

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That’s your first clue.


Mine was a severed hand that I had no idea was cursed.