Curse of Doom change

Let us cast it on players :smiling_imp:


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That’s way too op. Think of all the people sub 3.2k hp

Furthermore you could dot the entire enemy team and run


I has a 1 minute duration, and Cooldown.

Also its more like 4.2k after spellpower/talents.

That’s right. Idk it would be cool for sure however i don’t see how you can argue it NOT being op since one button would strap a unpinned grenade to your body and unless you have a mage around you are doomed (no pun intended)


I genuinely thought it could be used on players.

I guess that explains the lack of Doomguards in BG’s.

Only certain classes. A 60 Warlock can easily soak 4.2K damage even in T1 gear, much less ZG or BWL gear. Tanks will take care of it, no problem. Might be difficult for a priest, hunter, or rogue, but other than that, assuming no other damage, the only classes that would be killed outright are the ones that have some kind of dispel.

Not really OP, especially with the long CD, and the amount of time you have to get dispelled. And, lets be honest, if a PvP-focused Warlock gets you alone in the open world, and has the drop on you? You’re in for a bad time regardless.

We’re not allowed to have fun changes, only stupid ones. At least you can use the inferno.

You can still use ritual of doom to troll your own team. I use it all the time.

Might as well allow it I mean any fight would be over long before doom went off.

Or at the very least, hunter pets.

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You mean mages that can already decurse themselves anyways?

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