Current Version of Wrath is Great

We LOVED it. I had a huge group of friends that played back then and all of us universally adored RDF. We used it a ton. It was so convenient.

…and that’s why I don’t want them to add it back. It was a terrible choice. Too convenient. It was just one of the many conveniences Blizzard kept adding to the game.

The current version they released has been great! I couldn’t have imagined they would have removed RDF and stuck with their convictions, but here we are. I speculate they have data that validated what some of us felt and they are choosing to correct the mistake this time. Let’s hope they don’t ruin this release like they did Wrath with the ICC patch.

It’s another feature added to the instant gratification list. Where today you don’t need a guild anymore. You can join LFR or buy WoW tokens and boom…you’re fully geared. Slowly but surely it trickles and waters down the game. I just HOPE the Classic team allows the players to freeze our character’s to a desired expansion because anything from Cataclysm and forward is a face roll and pay to win to the highest degree…

I’d say yes and no. It’s probably the most fun “version” of WOW, but it was also a fork in WOW’s history.

This is where people could start to play solo, solo old raids, collecting stuff like pets, mounts and achievements, don’t get me wrong, those are the people still playing the game today since Retail is a big huge collection mini-game.

But also, it’s the start of “play the patch, not the xpac”, Naxxramas will become obsolete when TOC gets released unlike people still run Karazhan and Gruul on the last week of TBC. The 10 man version of the raids made the ilvl inflation a problem, they tried to fix it in Cata but it backfired because they lost the “less difficult” raids which they added back at the end of MOP only.

The group finder was also an incentive to play solo, there was no bonus for queuing with friends, you even had buffs if you queued alone (Luck of the Draw?), so it was more efficient to do dungeons alone than to ask people if they wanted to do dungeons.

Of course this is why people don’t like it’s not there, but you get the idea, I think the beginning of the end of WOW is when solo playing it was viable, removing all those group quests, while it can be seen as QOL features, removed the cooperative aspect that made the game great.

My fear is they will follow the original path and release RDF around ICC. I know they are saying they won’t but they could always change their mind. If they were wise, they’d continue to ignore this vocal crowd on the forums, and only listen to subs and $$$. I suspect this expansion will be a reasonable success and keeping RDF out of the game will be a positive change.

No doubt the player base evolved as the game added more conveniences. Players from my era probably dwindled in numbers. Hopefully some of those players come back and there is a healthy enough community that Blizzard can afford to lose some of the players that are not happy with this version of Classic.

On the flip side, people have been threatening to unsub ever since I’ve played. Through the highs and lows. Since Wrath is such a great expansion and they’ve released the best version of it, I suspect they won’t lose many subs without RDF so there’s a chance it stays out.

Absolutely agree. I loved RDF when it first released. It was a very very popular addition to the game but it was easy to ‘feel’ how it started to ruin the best aspects of WoW. How lucky we are they (so far) say they are skipping it this time?

I wish they’d fork the game and make NEW content from this release of Wrath, after wrath. NONE of the :poop: from retail. From this point forward, keep the same sentiments and environment and let it grow back into the power-house it was before?

Oh, I must have missed the blue post about how Blizzard is only catering to the anti-rdf crowd. Funny, can’t find it anywhere. What I did find was them saying they weren’t going to have RDF, and listed bullcrap reasons for that decision, but yeah, didn’t realize Blizzard had completely shifted to an anti-rdf only player base. But then again, Blizz has never reversed a decision they’ve made before, amiright?

Oh, they didn’t, they still make a game that “should” be enjoyed by many different players with many different playstyles in retail classic form and retail form. Glad I cleared that up for you.

Not liking a system in the game is a far cry from not liking the over-all game. I will probably re-sub because I’m invested enough to raid with my guild this retail wrath, but I’m extremely disappointed that they have massively changed the Wrath that I loved back in 08-10. Sad fact is, this could have been avoided if they maybe put effort into making it work, as so many pservers have, and give players to option to play on no-rdf servers, and rdf servers. But I think we know how that would turn out, and Blizzard isn’t really about putting effort into anything atm. Maybe M$ will fix this, who knows.

But back to your response…maybe if you don’t like RDF, when they finally put it in, maybe you shouldn’t play the game. Maybe go find something else that you’d like? Cause if one QoL feature that doesn’t even affect end game content being in a game ruins your game experience that much, maybe it isn’t the game…

Let me help you use google…™

  • No Dungeon Finder – Players rediscovering Wrath of the Lich King Classic won’t find the Looking for Dungeon feature originally added in Patch 3.3.5. We’ve heard from our Classic community that the importance of social bonds is a big part of what makes Classic their game of choice, and we agree.

What did you clear up? You ignored what they said, after saying you read it?

My guess is they felt hurting your feelings was acceptable since so many other people love this version.

Nothing is broken

They won’t so I’m great! Love this version of the game. The worst parts are only toxic players like you paying to be miserable in it instead of playing retail where all these features exist.

Silly! They did release the game for me! See the release notes above. I’m happy. You’re miserable. Stop projecting…

The succes of classic vanilla and tbcc say your wrong. Try harder with the sky is falling doomsday comments.

Yeah. Classic nails the ninja-mode loots. Retail does a great job. With exception to some gear level issues I see, like Mythic+ pretty much equalling mythic raid gear, when the fights are nowhere near as hard in those mythic + dungeons.

Early shadowlands I would agree with you. But they leveled it out and got more to the basics as the xpac went on.

I’m not wrong. I’ve played on and off for years, just like millions of others. The content gets stale, we play something else for a bit until something new comes along.

That being said, there are players that play just for the auction house experience. Some just for dungeons. Some for raids. Some for just PVP. Many do a mix of all of it all.

The actual truth is RDF isn’t the problem. It’s a useful tool, ESPECIALLY in WotLK. Retail of today hardly uses it as a heroic dungeon tool, but they do use the LFG tool for mythic+ and raiding (far superior, reaches cross realm). People used the RDF WAY more in wrath, on up, up to a point… And folks like you KNOW that. So you want to hold people back. Play the gatekeepers. So be it.

Eventually they will add it out of necessity. We’ll all just say “we told you so”.

Or they can just keep locks on server transfers for those who want out of low-pop. Kill they’re own classic over time. Only time will tell, but RDF was a core part of WotLK. Now it’s some cut rate version the wall makers want. Likely not the masses.

Blizzard left it out of the game. You are wrong. It’s a bad tool for Warcraft. Your arrogance goes against their data and the community of people who don’t want it. Part of those “millions” of people you talk about.

RDF is a terrible tool and bad for the Warcraft. Your opinion differs. Blizzard left it out of the game. Their information contradicts your feelings.

Like it was necessary in Vanilla or TBC and they added it? The game is better without it and luckily Blizzard doesn’t agree with you.

The best version

No they won’t.

I couldn’t find where Blizz said they’d NEVER put RDF in and we all know Blizzard has never changed their minds. lol

My feelings aren’t hurt, tool, my enjoyment of the game is. Many players feeling that way leads to drop off in revenue coming in. Less revenue coming in means less resources are spent on a game that shouldn’t have been messed with in the first place. Critical thinking not a strong point, huh?

Absolute delusion. Anyone scanning the forums could see that.

Yay! You get what you want instead of trying to work with others to find a compromise that works with others! This must be the “social” part that Blizzard wants to protect! LMAO, keep it then. I’m toxic? Stop looking in the mirror when you talk to others, child

Couldn’t have proved my point any better, thanks! Projecting? Aw, how adorable, someone heard some buzz words on the webz and thinks it’s cool to just throw them around without knowing what they mean. LOL, what a child.

Revenue hasn’t dropped. It’s doing fine. You will still be here paying even though they won’t add it to the game. Game will end up being fine.

Forum behavior is a small group of people and has always been toxic.

Obviously! This is great! The game is better for it!

I don’t need to because anything different would be worse for the game and Blizzard agrees.

Yes, see, watch:

Stop looking in the mirror when you talk to others, child

what a child.

That’s an adult tantrum when people can’t handle their emotions.

Brian, lead developer, gave an interview and said they were having internal discussions about RDF in April.

They responded to the community Aug 8 with their final decision:

Here is their response Aug 8:

They are not adding RDF. They don’t need to keep repeating it simply because a portion of their players are sticking their fingers in their ears. They probably know they won’t lose many subscriptions and they acknowledge it was bad for the game.

or they also have retail accounts take your blinders off

The issue is a lot won’t quit they go back to retail so there won’t be a big sub drop, unfortunately as that the only thing that motivates today’s blizzard.
So no not many will quit, but they will quit wrath, and you will feel it in the servers.

Doesn’t matter. Blizzard still makes the $$$. Outcome is the same.

The type of player that will quit wrath is the exact kind of player built for retail. That is a GREAT result! The wrath community will be much healthier if this happens. I hope you’re right!

You really are very toxic hidden behind a positive facade (funny enough the type of player this change is supposed to get rid of), The type of people that are happy with this are Classic players as in Wow Classic NOT wrath players, players that want the game changed from its proper form to suit their own narrow views, and no the game is not better off without those that leave, it far better to have a population, but your toxicity won’t let you see that so why am I bothering…

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Miserable people generally are put off by people who are happy. You want validation for your feelings and I won’t give them because I like the game they released.

You dictated people were going to “quit the game” because of how it is currently designed. I think that’s a great thing because the current design is good. If that’s not the game people enjoy, why would I want them to do something they don’t like?

You insist on people being miserable and all your predictions are negative. You seem to be having a hard time coping with me not being miserable like you.

The game is in the “proper form”. It’s what Blizzard released and it’s awesome. They heard your community of people and your concerns and decided they didn’t want to release bad choices again. They released this instead. They have basically come out and said, through their actions, they don’t care that you don’t like it but you insist on being here and being unhappy.

Any community that loses people who are unhappy with the community improves. That’s basic logic.

No matter how much you stomp your feet up and down and throw your little fits, you’re not going to convince me that I don’t like the game, I shouldn’t like the game, or that your terrible preferences to have the game ruined are a good decision.

I completely agree with you:

Positive toxicity look it up, that’s exactly what you are/doing and now taken to gaslighting making me out to be something I am not lol, I notice it’s a habit with you are your replies to people.

That’s a humorous oxymoron. I believe you. I think you are being sincere. I already addressed this, but again, it’s a common human behavior for emotionally unhealthy people that lack tolerance to find happy people off-putting. You aren’t the first person that lacks emotional maturity in these forums and you won’t be the last.

Considering I’m “quoting” you and responding, you must not like what you’re saying. If you don’t like how you look, you can change your behavior. I have nothing to do with it.

I’m not even sure this is a rational sentence. It makes sense you don’t like my replies. I’m consistent. See above about emotional maturity.

There you are gas lighting again

And again

And even again.

Let’s see if you can actually make a reply without being condescending, or gaslighting, I am betting you can’t.

And FYI while it may be an oxymoron it actually is a thing. referring to positive toxicity, feel free to look it up.