Current RP Events as of July!

Hello all! As you know i tend to post the calendar in the server discords but sadly i cant add images here. ^.^; So to make up for that, heres a list!

Fridays: hosts Sermons, Adventures, and more starting around 7-8pm server! Normally SW City Cathedral.

Saturday: Tavern opens from 7:30pm onwards till atleast 10-10:30pm! Normally SW City Park. We open every week and announce location changes. The only weeks we do not open is out monthly server events such as the races, tournie, and gambling den (coming soon).

Sunday: By popular demand, has reopened their Taken Candle Tavern! Mr Gimble runs it from 1-3pm in SW City Park!

These are all Ally events but I know that Grannykiss’s story time has returned and that another group host adventure rps! Dawnfury also hosts a monthly event. These times are not set like the ones above but I try to include them as I have time to add!

Other Events happening in July:

The Running of the Bulls! July 8th at 2pm in the Tauren starting area. Contact Katinga on Horde for more details and sign up!

July 22 and 29th Felhounds is hosting a Argent Tournament! Dueling and Jousting on respective days. More details will come in its own post. ^.^

Thank you for reading and if you know of other events or wish to get a copy of the calendar, make sure to look at the post “Looking for the RP Discord” and join Buccaneer Bay to stay up to date!