CTS mainhand Viskag or Brutality Offhand

Title says what it is. Just won CTS, But already have Viskag and Brutality, Some people brought up whether or not viskag would be a better OH over Brutality, Had a friend run spreadsheet numbers and came up with Brutality blade being better OH

with CTS and BB OH = theoretical dps is 949.69min // 1117.73max // 1033.71avg CTS/viskgag 939.18min // 1108.27max // 1023.72avg

I was just wondering if anyone else had any input / experience in the past etc. Thanks

itd be helpful to know if ur a warrior or a rogue
rogues don’t have rage, and brut is slightly better at proccing instant poison
also, viskag’s proc can proc overpower if you’re good enough to take advantage of that

If rogue go brut blade for stats.


I’d say


Also, I hate you for being a 29 mage with CTS, BB, and Vis when I haven’t gotten one on my 60 :sneezing_face:


Brutality Blade is better due to the large amount of stats. The damage difference between it and Vis’kag is negligible, due to it just being your off hand. Maladath would be better OH, though.

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It’s Classic raiding…just equip the one that looks the coolest. Bosses will die regardless.


Sorry, posted on wrong char. I’m a 60 Human rogue have been swords spec since level 1. Thanks for every ones input on the matter.


I figured bud :slight_smile: I post on my alt as well obviously. But yeah, for a rogue 100% go CTS and BB.

Congrats on the sweet loot!

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CTS and Brut Blade are what a lot of solid Fury Warriors have been using on our server. I was too until I got Iblis last night in Naxx so now Im using CTS and Iblis. Very happy with that combo.

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Necro to humble brag about unrelated non bis loot. Good call.


“Viskag is one of the worst offhands in the game” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lK7VsHVrv_s

As a human rogue you want the OH warblade from ZG. But Brutality blade is better than Viskag.

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Maladath is not a great offhand sword for a human rogue, however, and the OP’s rogue is human. Also, Vis’kag is a lousy offhand.

What Clarrisse says. Exactly. Spot on. Bingo.

Sorry, Seph, but that advice isn’t great. Why settle for mediocrity when there are far better options?

Ain’t no way this thread got necroed after 2 years by someone who didn’t catch the obvious sarcasm.

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cts and viskag is cooler than brut blade