C'Thun Down

I take credit for this. Alkaizer knows what’s up :slight_smile:

Only real way to know is to see if they streamed it and go from there. If C’thun delayed then it’s pre-hotfix. But from my understanding that it was hotfixed before NA servers gates were opened

Man all those guides on YouTube. This raid is where classic gets hard! “Fart sound”


Rise fled Incendius to try and get world (region) first and they ended up losing to a guild from Incendius lmao.

Hey we don’t remove floors anymore and we’re recruiting!

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Grats on killing nerfed values C’Thun in a nerfed values version of Vanilla WoW.

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Its really not…

Are you people really going to give congrats to a guild that doxxed an innocent person like a few months ago, all because he said they were a guild of ‘tryhards’? Or have you people forgotten about that already?
Im talking about Onslaught on Skeram, and from what I heard, they tried to ruin a guy that talked negatively about they’re guild on YouTube.

He did the whole thing to himself for attention. Pretty rich considering I know who this is and you’re in GRIZZLY lol

Are you part of the og guild? Does this guild tag look familiar?

wouldn’t say it’s tough per se. Just time consuming as hell

I’d say time is a measure of difficulty. But make no mistake. You need people skills too.

Original C’thun spawned tentacles in walls and inside the stomach, it was a busted fight.

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No one cares, you screwed up the event.

The rest of Classic is meaningless.

Oooh… no kidding … are you ? Impressed by what ?! Killing C’Thun in this dumbed down version of Vanilla copy ?

I know nothing about the Grizzly guild, other than I saw on other posts here.
I was kinda hoping they would be one of the guilds who did it so I’llenjoy the drama.
(again not defending them but it would be funny after all I read on the others posts) :slight_smile:

Correct me if Im wrong but Fusion isn’t from Incendius.

You are mistaken, sir.

Proof? Or just trolling.

What did they achieve?