C'Thun Down

Is that 29 minutes to clear or 29 minutes kill cthun?

Nothing is impressive in this antiquated version of pve, particularly with the world buff meta. The only challenge is soloing to r14.


Most don’t care, you ruined the event by humoring the idiots you’re posting about.

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Re freaking tweet. C’mon. Mathematically impossible my buns.

This is incredibly naive. Go ahead and look at warrior DPS with and without world buffs, then look at how many warriors these guilds are using.


LOL, whats so impressive about defeating a 15 year old encounter that you’ve had months to prepare for?

I mean, if they’d never seen it before…I probably still wouldn’t be impressed.


Imagine being this salty over a fifteen year old event designed for people who couldn’t handle Everquest.


Cthun. From the logs it looks like the 1st 5 guilds all skipped Trio, Visc, Ouro and Huhu

world 10 billionth


Its funny how people begged whined and pleaded for a 15 year old game to be rereleased but whenever someone or a group of people achieve something the game being 15 years old is used negatively against them. The classic community folks :rofl:


They thought all their vanilla knowledge would somehow give them an advantage and when they found out how worthless it was they decided to mock others to help them feel better about themselves


You should have thrown in some raid changes to throw everyone off from retail knowledge.

Can we pug him now?

Grats to those who did it first.

Didn’t realize huhuran was skippable

It normally isn’t. They used an invis pot + gnomish cloaking to get through. It actually backfired on one of the Chinese guilds going for world first because they wiped later on and had to kill her to get back through.

Let’s be honest. What if AQ40 Wasn’t as nerfed as a whole but as we all remember it back in the days? Rise-Fusion world.

No they didn’t… they literally just hugged the wall and walked right by her on onslaughts stream.

Well that’s how the chinese guild did it anyway

Yes, Huhuran is skippable by simply hugging the wall and does not gate the door to twin-emps.

We will see if this strategy remains optimal given that future speedruns will require all bosses to be defeated.

Oh my god, your name…