Crusade For Loot LFM Sat/Sun 8-11 CST

Hello! Crusade For Loot is a fairly new guild looking for players of all different experience levels to join the guild! We currently run mythic+ and are forming a raid team for Amirdrassil. Our pending raid nights will be Sat/Sun 7 CST. Loot will be distributed by loot council to players based off of current gear, needs, and best in slots. We are looking for like minded individuals that will come to raid with a positive attitude and willingness to learn and improve. We also expect raiders to attempt to gear outside of raid as much as possible to help create a better flow of progression for everyone. We understand life can keep us busy but, we are trying to not give gear to the same person. Current needs are as followed:

Tank: Roles are currently full ( OS tanks are open for discussion)
Heals: Need All!
DPS: Need All!

If you’re interested in joining the guild, please add Aeronal on Discord (Asmodeus92) or if you have any remaining questions. We look forward to having you!

Still looking for more dps and healers!