Crucible of Storms Hotfixes 4/29

The following hotfixes are now active for all regions.

  • Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void
    • Uu’nat no longer can cast Oblivion Tear immediately following Unstable Resonance in Mythic difficulty.
    • Adjusted the timing of Eyes of N’Zoth to be further spread out from Unstable Resonance in Mythic difficulty.
    • Unstable Resonance duration increased from 12 seconds to 15 seconds.
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Hey, I thought mythic world firsts were supposed to be hard!

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grabs popcorn

Im just here to wait for people to cry that the LFR version was not touched…

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Hey, LFR is supposed to give a taste of what real raiding is like. You wipe just like the world first guilds wipe, and Blizzard gives you stacks of determination just like they give the world first guilds mechanics nerfs.

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How about some Mythic Jaina nerfs?

How about no.

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Why not? It’s a bad fight.

The only “bad” part of it is the poor spellque and the random icefalls that can kill a pull. The majority of your wipes shouldn’t be to that.

nothing for cabal?

40 guilds have killed it, I highly doubt it’s going to receive significant nerfs until at least next week, if not later.

40 guild is fairly low compared to Odin… the closest comparaison we have I guess.

Odyn was a 5-15 pull boss. Guarm was a 40-70 pull boss. Helya was a 250-400 pull boss.

Cabal is a 150-250 pull boss, Uu’nat is currently around KJ levels. Not really comparable.

that’s the point.

currently cabal is far higher than odin or guarm ( 150 pull is generous… WC gaming are nearing 500, and they can stack classes…)

WC gaming is a bad meme that broke up and part-reformed on Alliance. Every guild that has actually killed it so far did so in the 150-250 margin, with a few outliers managing slightly less than 150.

ok, let’s assume the other 40 guild did it within 150-200 pull.

it’s still miles ahead of odin and guarm… it’s on par with a final boss.

and it also heavily favor class stacking tab-dotters. Wonder how many pull it’ll take for a comp that can’t field 10+ spriest/lock/boomkin/ele shammy

Alright, so several world top 10 kills and more world top 20 kills.

I just went through the Cabal kills and like 2 guilds (both on the second page of wowprog) didn’t excessively class stack. Boss is fine btw