CRUCIAL - A New & Welcoming Guild - NOW RECRUITING!

Come one, come all! Welcome to Crucial!

Crucial is a new, up and coming guild that provides a relaxed and supportive environment for every player. If you’re a casual player, a seasoned veteran, a newbie, a raider or a collector, there is a place for you in our guild. Respect, teamwork, and having fun are some of our top priorities, so if that sounds like a place for you, shoot your shot and stake your claim!

Our current recruiting includes a little bit of everything. Any class, spec, and level are welcome, regardless of experience!

Here’s what we can offer you:

  • A friendly and active discord server where we can all chat, hang out, and even get help from other members as needed

  • A guild bank with useful items and resources for any of your needs (we are still building that, and if we don’t have it, we’re willing to get it)

  • A raiding schedule on Friday and Saturday evenings - 8 p.m. server time

  • M+ key runs to help others improve their skills and gear

  • Low level keys to help those who may need it

  • A wide variety of events and activities such as transmog runs, achievement hunts, leveling parties, PvP, and more!

If you’re interested in joining, please whisper or mail any of our officers in-game. Our fearless leaders’ battlenet tags destinova#117886 and cappin#1672 so give us a shout. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our guild, and we hope you decide how crucial it is for you to join us. :wink:

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I’m Turi and I approve this message. (This message was bought and paid for by the guild members of crucial.)

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We are still looking for more to fill our ranks. come have fun and enjoy the game with friends.

Still looking fo active members!

Sunday morning bump!

Still looking for more come join our crazy bunch.

GM here is an old friend of mine. Highly recommend this guild to anyone interested in raiding!

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