Cross realm/account/faction trade restrictions

I am making a second account and want to make an Alliance character on a different server than the characters on my main account, which are all Horde characters. Will I still be able to mail gold and items freely between ALL my characters, even if the alliance character is on a different faction, account, and server? What are the restrictions and should I just make the alliance character on the same server as my main account? Sorry if the wording gets confusing. Thanks in advance.

This is a good question for the upcoming features in the next expansion. The warbands system breaks down a lot of these barriers.

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Nunzîo is right that this is a question for NEXT expansion.

Also, what exactly do you mean by “second account”? Second WoiW account, or second BattleNet account?

You cannot mail items - unless they are BoA - or gold even to your same-WoW-account characters on different realms but same faction today.

It’s my second WoW account, on the same BNet account. I know they lifted restrictions on same realm cross-faction characters, but was wondering if its possible to mail gold cross-realm, cross-faction between characters on both my accounts.

I basically want to make an alliance character on my second account that’s on a different realm than the horde characters on my main account–but wont do it if I cant even mail gold and stuff between them, and was wondering if I should just make the toon on the same realm as my main account instead.

I know its all confusing but thats why I’m making this post and appreciate any responses and clarification on what I should do.

As of right now, you can’t mail stuff cross realm unless it’s Bind on Account. (Unless those realms are part of a connected server cluster.)

If there’s a way to trade cross faction using two accounts, it’s not intuitive. (You can’t just invite a character of a different faction to a group, and you can’t have yourself on your friends list. There might be a way with communities, but I haven’t messed with it.)

But you can easily trade cross server on the same faction if you’ve got two accounts, and you can mail cross faction on the same realm.

So, I recently used the following 2 account procedure to get bags from an Alliance tailor on one realm to a horde character on another.

I created an alliance character on the Horde character’s realm. (I just made a void elf, as they are a portal away from Stormwind.) I then invited that character to a group with my Alliance tailor. I used the trade interface to trade the bags to the Void Elf. The Void elf then mailed them to my Horde character. A bit convoluted, but it does work.

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Thanks for your input.

I just need a bit more clarification on mailing gold between all my characters on both of my accounts though. What are the gold mailing restrictions between my different accounts, realms and factions :question:

  1. I know that Same faction, same realm, same account gold mailing works :white_check_mark:
  2. I know that Cross faction, same realm, same account gold mailing works :white_check_mark:
  3. Does cross faction, same realm, cross account gold mailing work :question:
  4. Does cross faction, cross realm, cross account gold mailing work :question:

Or to answer everything with a simple question…
5. Can you mail gold to a character on any account regardless of their realm and faction as long as they are in your region :question:

I really just need the answers to 3/4 or 5 and I’ll have everything I need figured out. Thanks.

P.S. I would just test it all out myself but I don’t have an active sub on my second account yet because I’m waiting to figure this all out.

  1. Yes, this works. (I haven’t tried it across accounts, but I’ve done it between two WoW accounts on the same
  2. No, this does not work. (The cross-realm is the problem.)
  3. Only if the characters are on the same realm.

To summerize:
Mailing between two characters on different WoW licenses on the same works the same way as mailing between two characters on one WoW account. So, anything you can mail between characters on the same account can be mailed between characters under the same but different licenses.

You cannot mail stuff cross-realm unless it is account-bound.

There is a workaround to get stuff cross server that’s easier if you’ve got a second account, but still a bit cumbersome:
You can trade (as in walk up to the character and right click their portrait and open a trade window) cross realm, same faction.

If you’re generally only worried about getting a character some starting stuff like bags and some starting gold, it’s a bit extra work, but it’s a reasonable solution and you can make the Alliance on a different server. If, on the other hand, you’re hoping to regularly be moving items for profession or AH stuff (such as having a Horde gatherer giving mats to the Alliance character to level a profession) it might be too cumbersome at this point in time.